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Bontrager Race XXX Lite Limited Edition in Podium Version

I spent part of the weekend in Boston with some friends from Trek Bicycles. Before I got back to NYC I was wearing some can’t-buy-em’ new shoes.

This post is a sort of thank you for the great time riding bikes and hanging out. But in case you’re looking for sub 200g per ½ pair road shoes, check out the road version.

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2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL (58cm)

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I was in Madison this past weekend for an organized bike ride. After getting burned by the airlines on my way back from Worlds I wanted to find a loaner bike in Madison for the ride. So I called a friend at Trek and asked if I could borrow a demo bike for the weekend. To my surprise this is the bike I had the pleasure to take on a beautiful country ride. So light, so fast. I’m embarrassed to say what this ride costs. One thing I should say is I wish I’d have known I would be on such a baller whip and have brought my road pedals and shoes. Thank you Eric for the bike and Thanks to Jonny for the bmx pedals.

Here are a bunch of photos of the Bike the Barns ride.

And just a few more shots of my new favorite bicycle.

2010 Bike the Barns

Bike the Barns
fund-raising bicycle ride
September 11th, 2010
Madison, WI

This is a great ride. I did it last year and I’m looking forward to it this year too. The Hunter Brothers, Just Coffee and all the other good things from Madison are involved or near by. What else do i need to say?
I’ll have some photos later, check back.

More info: MACSAC

N is for North American

This news piece out of Wisconsin does a good job with the 2 min. they give the event. I like Rory and his presence is good. The game play clips are good too, maybe focusing on the “oooh danger” aspect of the sport but what else is someone who does not play gonna focus on?

For bike polo players, the North American Hardcourt Championships are
the zenith of the sport in the U.S. The national championships were
held in Madison last weekend. WISC-TV photojournalist Brian Mesmer
gives a look into the world of bike polo.

Well for starters I’d ask that they, as journalist, focus on the name of the event. Nowhere I found in any of the official info released about this event used the word “national”. Because this was open to all of North America. Despite that, whoever posts WISC-TV YouTube videos still used “National” in the video title, in the video description and in the video tags.

They almost get it right in the description, but the anchor identifies is correctly and of course Eric from Trek gets it right. I guess the person who posts to YouTube just didn’t get the memo.

Official 2010 NAHBPC poster

NYC Century Bike Tour

NYC Century Bike Tour
The country’s only all-urban 100-mile bike tour
September 12th, 2010
Central Park, NYC

I spotted this as I was working, it’s too bad it’s the day after Bike The Barns in Madison, WI because I think I’m gonna be in Madison again. But even if I was in NYC on the 12th, I doubt I’d wake up and be at 110th Street by the 5:30am start time.

More info:

2010 NAHBPC in Isthmus, The Daily Page

Madison gearing up to host the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
Kristian Knutsen on Tuesday 07/06/2010 1:00 pm

Sports both novel and long-established regularly rise and fall in popularity, moving in and out of public consciousness. The emerging sport of bicycle polo, particularly the nascent hardcourt version, is one that is just starting to draw attention beyond its pioneering players. It is set to get a local boost when the Madison Bike Polo club hosts the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships over the weekend of July 16-18.

Bike polo has been played on a dedicated basis in Madison over half a decade, led in large part by the brothers Jonny and Ben Hunter. Renowned locally for their culinary talents and work with the Underground Food Collective, they are also known across the nation as boosters for the sport, which is blossoming among bicycle messenger and mechanic circles in cities across Europe and North America.

“Bike polo is one of only a handful of sports to have developed on a global scale during the age of the internet,” writes Kevin Walsh. Now based in Toronto, he was one of the original polo players in Madison along with the Hunter brothers, and maintains The League of Bike Polo, a global clearinghouse for the growing ranks of clubs.

“Its growth has been horizontal and organic, and for good reason people have been skeptical of various aspects of formalization, standardization, or top-down structures,” he continues. “But its rapid growth has given rise to the need for something to hold it together and ensure that its growing pains aren’t much more painful than the road rash worn by most of its players.”

Madison was selected last November to host the championships via a bidding process organized by a North American organizing committee, consisting of city and regional reps selected by clubs and tasked with codifying the sport. “Boston put in a good bid, but they had hosted a major tournament the year before,” says Hunter. “Madison has a reputation for hosting good tournaments.” These include Midwest championships in May 2008 and a New Year’s competition in January 2009.

One major goal of this particular tournament is to provide a greater level of organization for the sport at one of its highest levels with the intention of aiding its growth.

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Birdie’s polo bike

click any photo to see large

A Trek T1 seen at Ladies Army II and ESPI 5. Steel fork, Milwaukee Bicycle Co. parts, Velocity rims.

Ben Hunter's polo bike

As of January 11th, 2009

Ben Hunter hardcourt polo bike full

Ben Hunter hardcourt polo bike front wheel

Ben Hunter hardcourt polo bike drivetrain

All Photos © Doug D 2009

Jonny's polo bike

As of January 3rd, 2009

Jonny hardcourt polo bike full

Jonny hardcourt polo bike front wheel

Jonny hardcourt polo bike drivetrain
All Photos © Doug D 2009