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Jinxy Give Blood Stickers

Thanks Amanda

From a friend in Cleveland

More: fuckyeahbikepolo on Tumblr

Thanks Alex!

A Bike Polo Sticker…of me

This image has been a t-shirt, a tournament flier, a club logo, and now a dumb little sticker like a tourist would buy at the Outer Banks. Ha! I’m just glad it’s not my photo that ranks high in a Google search of bike polo. It’s just a picture of me that keeps getting swiped.

Love bike polo? Show how much you love to mash it up with this cool sticker.

Want one? Just $4.00 each

More info:

Paul's new bike polo sticker

bike polo. are you sure you’re taking it seriously enough?

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Passive-Aggressive Hippies Who Play Bike Polo…

Paul, Thank you for making this. The motivation.

If you hit the link you might notice a new fork on my polo bike. Yes it is. I have the new Brooklyn “Clusterfork” and it feels quicker, bringing in the wheelbase a little bit, and the strength is undoubted. I like that it’s made right here in Brooklyn, New York.

IN NEW YORK THEY kill shit

in new york they sticker

Matt, Thanks again for the stickers. I passed some out with the club.
I’m wondering what the euros wrote in theirs? Mine says “kill shit”

Bike Polo Jocks are Still Jocks

bike polo jocks sticker
A couple weeks ago in Boston at ESPI 4 I found this sticker on my bike. Of all the dumb shit people have tried to put on my bike at tournaments I’m surprised I didn’t just start peeling. But before I thought to take my thumb nail to a corner I read it and smiled. I heard that Leon asked Paul if I’d be mad and if he thought I’d leave it on.

Maybe Leon has more, I don’t know. But tonight I know he did play some games with us in The Pit and had some drinks at the bar after and even talked Johnny Midwest and I into an arm wrestling match.

BYOBW 2009: SF Hardtop Stickers

BYOBW 2009: SF Hardtop Stickers, originally uploaded by mcas_sf.

We love you too Yorgo

in new york they… from Brendan McNamee on Vimeo.

And send me one of those stickers too!