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I like this bike polo spokecard

I think this is the best spokecard I have seen all year! But, I want to see more. If you are having a tournament and don’t give the players a spokecard for the event, then that’s just crap. Anyway, this Championships is over. Visit the official site for results and such. Also if you want to laugh at how small the goals were look at this. It’s a wonder anyone won when you combine Euro non-stop goalie action with the more-narrow-than-a-bike-is-long goals. Thank god for footdowns.

Nate's Motobecane polo bike

As of November 15th, 2009
Click to see large.

Great polo bike Nate. No wonder you are getting so good. Now plug that bar end better.

The Day Before The Melee

A few sneak peaks of what is to come.

Of course this is unauthorized and if I were playing in this clusterfork of an event I might lose points for the leaks, or who knows I might get points for pouring attention on them. Either way I’m still gonna stand back when Ken aka BEANO blows a gasket. Monday never seemed so far or felt such longing from one man. Maybe not many of you know this but he’s about to lose it. I saw him tonight and it looked like he didn’t even remember his name. And he needs a haircut worse that Adam ever did. He said he rode his bike across the country this summer but he looks like he’s been living in the subway tunnels. Speaking of tunnels, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground about all this Los Marcos business and I heard that Los Marcos won’t be able to make it to their own event due to a tunnel collapse. But word has it one of them was on the right side and the other two are trapped or vice versa… not sure. I think there are gonna be so many wanna-be’s wearing dumb masks this weekend no one will even notice. Not after how wasted people are gonna get on FOUR.

On a 100% serious note, Ken needs tables for the food. Something at The Pit big enough to set all the food he’s feeding you. Any leads on tables.. or even some sawhorses and a unhinged door should be directed to him soon.

Also, I’m wanting to do another series of polo players and their gear this weekend. I might ask you for a few second to snap a flick or you could ask me.

The shirt.

The spork card


June 21st, 2009 I polo NY

Hardcourt bike polo spoke card IMG_1522

Hardcourt bike polo  adam IMG_1540

Hardcourt bike polo zach MKE falls IMG_1473

Hardcourt bike polo camilla at the pit IMG_1536

Hardcourt bike polo action in the pit IMG_1516

Hardcourt bike polo Brendan McNamee in the pit IMG_1551

Hardcourt bike polo  strange plastic fish in street IMG_1546

Hardcourt bike polo game play IMG_1472

Hardcourt bike polo  paul R with ball IMG_1556

Birdseye jason brendan team photo IMG_1489

i polo ny group photo IMG_1579

And this was from the same weekend.

NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 2)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada.
bike polo NSPI 2008 spoke cards

NSPI bike polo 2008 pologuard in box

NSPI bike polo 2008 trophy

NSPI bike polo 2008 paul helmet mallets grass

NSPI bike polo 2008 bent valve stem

NSPI bike polo 2008 players area

NSPI bike polo 2008 dennis to pink bike

NSPI bike polo 2008 crossword spokecard

NSPI bike polo 2008 zap t shirt

NSPI bike polo 2008 alexis desk work

NSPI bike polo 2008 kremmin sits

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett chris

NSPI bike polo 2008 steelwool tent

NSPI 2008 brian goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 zach goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 pellegrino trash can

NSPI bike polo 2008 nyc crowd deli

NSPI bike polo 2008 kiss lp wheel cover

NSPI bike polo 2008 unplugged mallet

NSPI bike polo 2008 my gear

All Photos © Doug D 2008

HellCat NYC, All Girls Alley Cat

An all girls Alley Cat that started and finished at Tompkins Square Park. Can anyone tell me the official results, and total number of racers?
hell cat alleycat spokecard

dagga hellcat

kym hellcat

loop and racers

sasha hellcat

julie loop finish
All Photos © Doug D 2008