IMG_1084 Brendan bike polo

This is Brendan. One of New York’s, and bike polo in general, best players.
I go to as many bike polo tournaments as I can and almost every second of the events I’m at you can find me with either a mallet, my camera or a Red Bull in my hand. But for The New York Round Robin ect. Polo Tourny I really only took a few shots. I still wanted to get something to capture the weekend and I did get some action shots but I was most pleased with the individual shots of the players with their bike in the street by The Pit. I didn’t want to break any new ground I just wanted to get a shot of all players willing with the interest of putting names to the faces and mostly just doing something quick so I could spent some time hanging out and not watching the games through a lens. I tried to get everyone and I almost did. I kept notes with peoples names next to the image number in the camera and looked at who I knew I had a few times to be sure I got everyone. After a couple hours I thought I did, so I put my camera away and hung out in the park and played some bike polo and had lots of fun like everybody else. It wasn’t till the next night after it was all over and I was nearly done uploading the shots that I re did my math. 17 teams and I had photos of 51 people. I skipped myself. One person declined and I included 3 friends of NYC Bike Polo but not players in the tournament, I even got Yorgo literally seconds before he jetted out. I still had a feeling I missed one.

I did, Brendan, my damn teammate is the one I forget. Our team name was BRENDAN’S TEAM for Christ sake. I don’t know how, but it happened, and it just goes to show how laid back and mellow the kid is. Damn good polo player, Brendan has been playing bike polo in New York since nearly the start of this wave of players. The thing that makes me happy about our win is that Brendan got a new wheel set. See, Brendan is so low key that he has just one bike and he needed new wheels. Most NYC players have a second bike for polo, but Brendan’s polo bike is his everyday bike and he plays a lot of polo. So Brendan I’m sorry I skipped you and thanks for letting me take your photo a week late.
Those prize wheels look good!!

And Thanks to Steelwool Bicycles for the Hubs, Velocity for the rims and TrackstarNYC for the spokes and wheel builds. Three 36 hole wheel sets were given as top prize.