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NAH meeting in Madison, WI July 19th, 2010

North American Hardcourt, a body of bike polo representatives, held a meeting in Madison the morning after the NAHBPC.

Members in attendance:
Justin Gullickson (Cascadia), Doug Dalrymple (Eastside), Brian Whitmore (Northside), Jonny Hunter (Midwest), Alex “Joker” Dash (Southwest), Ben Schultz (Midwest), Mike Tretter (Southwest), Meg Lee (via-telephone, Cascadia), Ian Dunwiddie (Eastside), Angelo Salazar (Northside), Kevin Walsh (Northside). Also in attendance: Alexis Mills (Ottawa club rep), Britt Willey, Robbie Eccles. Thanks to Just Coffee and Heather of Underground Food Collective.

With just this last image, click to see large.

AOL’s Aslyum story on ladies of NYC bike polo

The Ladies of NYC Bike Polo
July 21st 2010
By Emily Anne Epstein

What do you get when women, homemade mallets, beat-up bicycles and a ball collide? Bike polo, of course!

Closer to street hockey than pony polo, the game is played three-on-three until one team nets five goals. The hardcourt sport has been growing in popularity since its inception in the 1800s. There’s been a serious spike in the past 10 years, with teams popping up all over the world. One might say it is the fastest-growing polo variety, with canoe, camel and yak polo lagging behind.

You’ll have to follow the link to see the 16 photos that made it into the story. and the Question and Answer with Chandel, Fiona, Sara and Katie. They talk about who they have dated.

Ian (part 2)

I should say that the ball was stationary in the first photo.

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Loop Magazine issue 5

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This issue of Loop has The Grime riders on the cover but bike polo players all over the inside. Not pictured here but Riki from Japan has a full page for his Joust polo bike. Then two more full pages of Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo. The NYC Bench Minor bike polo tournament gets 5 full pages with a group shot followed by 14 rider shots all of out of towners. Lee, Sean McDonell, Hugo, Ben Hunter, Brian Dillman, John Atwell, Sam Jackson, Matt Lane, Johnny Crash, Tucker Schwinn, Pierre, Clement, Ben Schultz and Kremin.

More info: Loop Magazine

Fixe Magazine issue #3

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Bike polo and New York is all over this European fixed gear bike mag! NYC bike polo from the visitors point of view. Half page photos of Zach and I.

Then the Fixed vs. Freewheel opinions from me, Guthrie, Kev, Matt V, Paul, and Yorgo. The last three vote fixed.

And what is likely the last interview with the Los Marcos hooligans. I have it on good authority that all of Los Marcos Polos sailed back to the island Los Marcostan on a raft just after their last tournament.  Apparently they learned nothing from Rapa Nui and between all the diseases they brought back from the Lower East Side and over exploiting their resources to build bigger and bigger statues of themselves… well, they’re extinct now.

Viva Los Marcos! RIP

More info: Fixe Magazine

ESPI 5 Boards supplies

Z and P stocking up.

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Nick from Toronto in The Pit

We also had Gus from Boston and Nate’s dad visit us, as well as a couple new players to give bike polo a try.

David’s Bike Polo Check

David’s Bike Polo Check from Tim on Vimeo.

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Corey: Left side drive

The other day Corey broke the shit out of his drive train. Today he was playing on a new one.


Corey’s polo bike