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quick video about NYC Bike Polo

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo from Gretchen Powers on Vimeo.

Paris Bike Polo

Paris Bike Polo from on Vimeo.

A new one found on Vimeo.

Above The Influence: Concrete Riders

Each weekend, Adam and his bike polo crew take to the streets of NY to ride, compete, hang out and keep each other Above the Influence.

I heard about a bike polo ad being played on Hulu. I spend about 9 hours catching up on Family Guy and The Office and didnt catch the ad. But a friend found it on YouTube.

Thomas and Jack in Brooklyn

Jacob in Brooklyn

Richmond Tennis Courts Potentially Converted for Bike Polo

Seen: Greater Jackson Ward News

Bike Polo Part 1: Donnie

Banana Boat is a sponsor of NAH.

RocketBoom on bike polo in The Pit

Here’s a quick little do-dad about The Pit. And I thought “Ace Bondage” is Johnny Midwest’s Rollerderby name. Two Ace Bondages in NY, really?

Horse Cycles

I stopped by Horse Cycles to visit Thomas and get a peek at his polo bike as he was working to finish it.

Thomas is a new player to NYC bike polo but that didn’t stop him from creating polo frame and fork for himself.

Here are a few photos from that day. And I’ll get some shots of the complete bike as soon as I can.

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