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Aug. 28th

Aug. 28th

Here is a gem right out of the Flickr pool called The Pit at Chrystie and Broome The Big Picture, Winter sports

photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

Someone sent me a link to this. Many good photos. This one is from January 23, 2011 in Klosters, Switzerland. Follow the link to to see lots more.

More: Winter sports beat the blues

COG Magazine Issue 9

click to see large.

Peter was in The Pit for the first Bench Minor and some of his photos are in the new COG. Lots of NYC in this issue. I noticed Peter had a new Canon Mark IV and I was very envious but not sure if more so that he had it on a Canon pro guy loaner program, or that he just had one in his hands (even if for just a couple weeks). Anyway, all theses photos are from a camera body I wish I had an extra 5 G’s laying around for. And some of the shots may be for one of my lenses I loaned him for the afternoon. As always Peter did a top notch job documenting a polo event, I only wish it was more than three pages. Zach Blackburn, my longtime teammate but for this showdown an opponent, wrote the words that break down the format, the draft and the organization of this ground breaking bike polo event. I’ve heard Chicago is next in line to hold the 2011 Bench Minor. I cant wait.


Bench Minor re-cap

Loop Magazine issue 5

Bench Minor video from Uolmo

Bike Polo Tilt-Shift: Boston Spring 2010

Bike Polo Tilt-Shift: Boston Spring 2010 from Gustav Hoiland on Vimeo.

Thanks Gus

A stop-motion-esque video compiled from about 1000 still frames that were shot on a Nikon D80 using a Lensbaby tilt-shift lens.

Colors edited in Adobe Camera Raw & Bridge. Compiled using Windows Movie Maker.

Shot/Edited by Gustav Hoiland


Amadeo Lasansky flags exhibition

Amadeo Lasansky
Thursday, March 11th
Gallery FCB
16 West 23rd street, 3rd floor

Amadeo Lasansky is a good friend in New York who is also a great photographer. If you have read my About page you have seen at least one example of his work. This month he is having an exhibition of his new series of photographs, entitled flags.

More info:

Ed Glazar’s Promo Card

Ed has been shooting bike related events in NYC for years. Here is his new promo card, it’s got a shot of me playing bike polo in The Pit, kind of like that. And that reminds me, photos are worth money. If a mag or paper asks you for a picture they want to print, and they sell ad space, ask about the rates. Meaning the pay rate to publish your work. Because when you give away your photos, people like Ed have a hard time making a living at being a photographer. And you miss out on your payday.

More info:

Gus, ZACH, and

So Gus was in New York this week playing some polo in The Pit. He was telling me about how he’s in school for photography and posting some of his favorite shots on his website Later I looked up his site and browsed the photos and descriptions he has posted. Some of them I thought are really good and interesting. Like this one of ZACH that I had to send the link to the man himself. ZACH emailed me back happy that his comment need not be approved and asked me to post it here. It’s at least worth a look.

More info:

Sam Robinson, Brooklyn Rooftop Bike Polo

Sam just sent me an email with a link to his blog. He posted up some of his shots and a second post with some behind the scenes shots too. Looks really good, check it out.

More info:

A Crippling Case of Chlamydia (NYC)

That was our team name. Paul thought of it. Way better than anything I think of.

Peter DiAntoni took this portrait of my team when we were in Milwaukee for the COG Polo Invite. Click to see full size. Thanks Peter!

Peter DiAntoni