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Old Helsinki bike polo

According to Lefa at this photo was published in a book titled Idrotten i Finlad (1906) by Ivar Wilskman. Idrotten i Finlad translates to Sports in Finland. Kaisaniemi park is in Helsinki, Finland and H.V.K. stands for Helsingfors Velocipedklubb.

Looks to me like they are playing bike polo in the street, or at the very least not in the grass.

Motor Bike Polo

But really it looks more like soccer to me.

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The Winners of the Games’ cycle polo match

I really don’t have any other info besides what you see. I’ll assume the Games’ they are referring to was the 1908 London Olympic demonstration matches. If so, then this would be Ireland.

England v. Ireland 1901

Ireland Beat England 10-5.
The teams were : Ireland : Oswald Sealy, Page Dickenson, H. Oswald and F. E. Bland, all of the Rathclaren Rovers club. England : Spencer Downing (Northampton), Capt. J. Appleby (M.C. & A.C.), J. W. Dalby (Northampton), and F. Timms (Melton Mowbray B.P.C.)

Macbeth, this is for you

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Hardcourt Bike Polo 87 Years Ago

I found a photo of bike polo from 1921. Playing in the street, knocking each other off their bikes, small ball, and the right kind of mallets. Evidence that hardcourt bike polo has been played much further back in history than the PNW wants us to believe.

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Simply titled “Bicycle Polo” this is from the National Photo Company Collection (Library of Congress)
The date is listed as 9/13/1921 but the location unknown to me. Odds are it’s not Seattle.

Also, Kev’s Grandad tells about playing bike polo in the streets of Ireland in the 1930′s.

Bike polo steering wheel

Check this out. It’s from August 1931.

Ramsay Bowl 2008

ramsay bike polo tournament poster calgary 2008

Ramsay Bowl 2008
1st Annual Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
September 12th – 14th, 2008
Calgary, Alberta

For more info Calgary Hardcourt Bike Polo

Winners: “An East Vancouver team”

Suzuki Vs. Toyota

suzuki ad polospacertoyota ad
The Suzuki ad is from 1965 and they are playing on motorcycles.

In the 2008 Toyota ad they are playing on grass.

Suzuki wins!

As a side note, months before the Toyota ad came out I remember seeing a listing on craigslist regarding someone wanting to photograph people playing bike polo in the LA area for a Toyota ad. It said they would pay $800. Now, I don’t know if these guys got paid that much or not. Just something to think about.