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Long Beach, Californië, USA, 1926

Eric from DC sent this m way. Thanks man.

I’ve been away from this blog for a little while. There might be a few photo posts in the pipeline.

Ladies Bicycle Polo

Sara D Roosevelt Park history

I caught this little gem in my RSS feed from Ephemeral New York in a post titled A 19th century cemetery on Chrystie Street.


Horseless Polo is Played on Foot

Here is another Popular Mechanics article. May 1931.

Popular Mechanics January 1935

The Amazing Return of the “Bikes”
Popular Mechanics Magazine
January 1935

Some “bicycle basketball” looking more like rad ball. Seen in Popular Mechanics.

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Ray Walston and Anthony Perkins play bike polo

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Damon sent a photo my way, thanks man.

New Old Auto Polo

Bet all you polo-of-all-sorts types ain’t seen this

Thanks Ken

H.H. Harrison

Sometimes I wish I was born a century earlier.


Again from the book Idrotten i Finland (1906). This time rad ball or “Velocipedboll”. Just more proof that this is all much older than the Pacific North West wants us to believe.

Old Helsinki bike polo

England vs. Scotland 1910


In 1910, Saltburn was the venue for an international fixture, England v Scotland at bicycle polo. The match was part of the town’s carnival, the English side all being members of the Tykes Cycling Club. England won 6-3, the team being ( left to right ) Robinson (captain), Tudor and Randall.