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Milwaukee “MKE” Grips in Black

I haven’t tried these out yet but my Oury’s are busted and I need something new. I have the CNC made MKE bar end plugs already but these grips come polo-ready with plastic bar end plugs for anyone who need them. Like I’ve said before, if you play bike polo with unplugged bars you are a big jerk. Go to MKE and get a pair.

  • Black
  • Durable Kraton
  • Length:145mm
  • 145grams
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Includes Bar Ends
  • $11.99
  • More info:

    Bike Polo Shafts by Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

    Made from 7075 T6 Series 4 Aluminum, these poles are constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and are twice as strong as the industry standard, rated to 75,000 PSI.

  • Overall Length: 49″
  • Length of Straight Section: 35″
  • Diameter of Straight Section: 0.73″
  • Length of Taper: 14″
  • Diameter @ End of Taper: 0.46″
  • Powder Coated: “Eddie” Orange
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • I have not used this product or even seen one for that matter but it solves the constant problem of not having anywhere to get ski poles/ mallet shafts. The price is $15.99. A little steep when compared to the $4 – $6 some thrift stores charge per used ski pole. But with thrift stores there is still the crossing your fingers that they even have some. Also that they are aluminum, straight, long enough, and not beat up too much. Any way, there was a time when people only played on beater bikes, but now some people are building up new frames for polo. Likewise, players are going to start making mallets out of new shafts.

    More info: Ben’s Cycle

    Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2

    As seen on Ben’s Cycle blog. Follow the link to see pictures of Kremin’s set up.

    Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2. Allows one brake lever to operate two brakes.
    1 lever :2 brakes

    One brake lever to operate a front and rear brake at the same time. The idea has been tried before, from some cheap dual pull levers, to doubling up standard single levers on top of each other on one side, or custom fabricating old gyro cables to pull two brakes. I’ve never paid much attention to the crap people have come up with to get two brake calipers actuated by one lever but this seems to be the best. Mostly because it simply solves the problem, and does so BETWEEN the lever and calipers. Meaning you can use the components you chose. Just add this to the cables.

    Ben’s Cycle has them for $39.99

    For more info visit Ben’s Cycle

    Nickel Bar ends by MKE

    These are exactly what bike polo players need. Capped bar ends. If you like this throw back to the days before readily available machines end caps, spend the $11.99 for a set (nickels are included). You need something to keep from core sampling yourself or friends out on the court, it might as well be something cool.

    More info: Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

    COG Magazine issue 7

    Earlier this year in Milwaukee there was a bike polo tournament. Peter DiAntoni ( of COG Magazine was there taking team portraits. I was also there as a player but in between games I of course was taking photos as well. A few of them were even used in the 8 page story COG Polo Invite by Captain Jake Newborn (of Hero Squad fame). Jake also wrote a review of the Eight Inch Scrambler frame and fork, his old polo bike before getting sponsored by Milwaukee Bicycle Co. And Joe Burge, another member of Hero Squad and sponsored Milwaukee polo player, also wrote a review of a goofy little bike he used to play polo on. haha.

    COG Magazine is full of beautiful photos and covers the spectrum. Seattle to Boston. Milwaukee to Taipei. Nagasawa to Lucas Brunelle.

    A Crippling Case of Chlamydia (NYC)

    That was our team name. Paul thought of it. Way better than anything I think of.

    Peter DiAntoni took this portrait of my team when we were in Milwaukee for the COG Polo Invite. Click to see full size. Thanks Peter!

    Peter DiAntoni

    Pedal Speed likes NYC Bike Polo

    Pedal Speed NYC issue gives bike polo top billing in the contents and the cover. 16 full pages of photos in their coverage of NYC bike polo. Here are some of them. Click to see large.

    Cranksgiving 11 NYC

    Cranksgiving 11
    Benefit race
    November 21st, 2009
    New York City

    Since 1998, New York City bike messengers have raised food for their city’s homeless the week before Thanksgiving. Like any other race, Cranksgiving tests your skills and speed navigating chaotic city traffic. However, unlike any other race, it tests the sharpness of your wits as you navigate the aisles of grocery stores searching for specific food items. Once you’ve found them, made your way through the checkout lines and finished the race, all of your food will be donated to a local homeless shelter.

    For more info or to donate:

    Results: (from Ken off the NYC forums)

    119 Racers! That was pretty awesome. In fact, if you count the three tandems, there were more like 122 racers. Thank you to EVERY ONE for coming out and continuing to make this event spectacular.

    Congrats to

    1ST PLACE: Crihs & Lauren Klien (5th Overall)
    2ND PLACE: Doug D & Heather Muller (6th Overall)
    3RD PLACE: Kieth Garrison & Janessa Stark (10th Overall)
    4TH PLACE: Pavel & Hana (22nd Overall)
    5TH PLACE: Will Sherman & Grace (25th Overall)
    6TH PLACE: Brantley & Kindall Almond (33rd Overall) (I have a prize for you, if you’re reading this, Kindall)
    7TH PLACE: Izumi & Adrienne (35th)
    8TH PLACE: Tony Leonardo & Nikki Zerka (36th)
    9TH PLACE: Ray Clark & Rachel Rubino (39th)
    10TH PLACE: Eli B & Sara Wojcik (40th)

    Sasha – MOST GENEROUS – dude bought two turkeys
    Eli – First Out of Town
    Andras & Andra (Team Budapest – First Tandem or TallBike
    Ray Clark – 1st Rookie

    This was the first race for at least 39 people, and there were 34 girls & 85 guys.

    And of course a HUGE THANKS to all the sponsors:

    Seagull Bags
    Laek House
    Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
    Brooklyn Bike & Board
    Boneshaker Magazine
    Kurt Boone
    Four Loko

    See you next year!

    And lastly, a photo set by gage&desoto

    Joe's Milwaukee polo bike

    Touring Bike MKE sent me!

    Touring Bike MKE sent me!, originally uploaded by Doug D.

    So here is the bike I’m on. this is pre touring set up with better wheels and rack and bags. rides good. little time, more later.