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Milwaukee Bicycle Company Bruiser Raffle

$5 could win you a new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

We are proud to announce that we are currently raffling off a brand new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

The size is a medium so with the right set up could fit nearly anyone large or small. The lucky winner will be pulled at our holiday fundraiser which will be held in early December.

The $ raised from this raffle will go directly to the club in order to pay insurance, maintain our facilities, and potentially cover some rent for a winter indoor facility.

More info: Milwaukee Bike Polo

My new BMW V2 polo bike

A new bike! This has most of the components off the old green Brooklyn I was riding the last couple of years. Including the MKE Bruiser S700 -120mm Polo Fork.

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Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
Sunday March 27, 2011
Milwaukee, WI

Bruiser POLO FORK – S700 120mm now Available

Image from Ben’s Cycle

I just got word that the 120mm polo fork that Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I worked together to make is now available.

I’ve been riding this fork since before 2010 Worlds and it’s great.

When I was working with Drew at MKE to make this happen I had this to say about the idea.

“I was thinking about the convenience of having one spare wheel to replace the front or rear, especially in tournament situations. A 120mm spaced fork made specifically for polo would mean more interchangeability, less spare parts, more gearing options for us single speed and fixed riders. And it would mean that any bike with this fork would breathe polo.”

Check the Ben’s Cycle site for all the specs and pricing.

More info:

Previously: MKE Polo Fork installed

D.A.M.P. Butterbean polo bike

Seen in Berlin. Handmade in Sweden.

More photos below, click image to view large.

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Ben’s Cycle is getting a Franklin re-up

Seen on

Sometimes this is a hard to find item but it’s the best choice. Keep an eye on Ben’s and get’em.

MKE Polo Fork installed

I came back from Wisconsin with a prototype of the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. new MKE Polo Fork. I finally installed it with some help from Affinity Cycles.

I added a big free wheel for the photos but for game play it will not be there. Instead I’ll be running the front without any cog or freewheel installed. And I’ll carry a spare wheel and a spare freewheel. If I get in a pinch and need to replace the front I’ll throw the spare straight on the front. If I flat the rear or rip out a grip of spokes or destroy the rim or fall victim to any of the many bad things that can happen to wheels on the court, then I’ll spin the spare freewheel to the spare wheel and a quick swap and back in the game. Time outs are becoming more popular in tournaments, would you rather spend a minute looking for some bike to borrow or getting your bike back on the court?

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And from MKE:

This fork will accommodate 3 types of brakes; 55-73mm X-Long Reach Caliper, U-Brake and V-brake.

* Bruiser Polo Fork – Aftermarket
* 400mm Axle to Crown
* 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly
* Weight – 1260g w/300mm Steerer
* 1-1/8″ One-Piece Fully CNC’d Steerer
* 990 Brake Mounts with Removable Studs (plugs included when not using studs)
* V-Brake Compatible
* 55-73mm X-Long Reach Caliper Compatible
* Removable Brake Housing Guide
* Headset Compression Plug Included
* 400mm Axle to Crown
* 32mm Rake
* 6mm Dropouts
* Stainless MKE Badge
* Black ED Coated Inside and Out for Full Rust Proofing
* Your Choice of Solid Color (excluding pearl coats or metalflake)
* Lifetime Warranty

More info: Ben’s Cycle

New from MKE

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I made a new fork for bike polo. Thanks Drew! This is just a sneak-peek. Keep an eye on Ben’s Cycle for more details soon.

Birdie’s polo bike

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A Trek T1 seen at Ladies Army II and ESPI 5. Steel fork, Milwaukee Bicycle Co. parts, Velocity rims.

Win this Milwaukee Bruiser

In the size of your choice of course. Find out how at