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Mo’s Mallet by Cycles For Heros

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Cycles for Heroes sent me one of their MO’s Mallets a couple months ago. I am very late doing a post about it. But in that time I have been playing games with the mallet every week. I have never made a mallet this nice. I kind of wish I had about eight of them to take to tourneys. I like making mallets, I’ve been doing it for years but there are two things I liked a lot about this mallet from the get go. One, it’s light. Two, it’s very well made. After weeks of pick-up games the HDPE mallet head has worn very well. It still has lots of life in it! Also it does keep it’s shape even after some heavy hits against it.

A couple of things that I want to mention in the room-for-improvement department are that you need two 3mm keys to tighten the rod that holds the head on. With just one the whole thing will just spin because all the threads are internal. Over all this is a good thing but just a heads up to have two 3mm’s on hand to tighten loose hardware. And the second thing that might be more important is that after a couple weeks the rod that goes through the AL7075-T6 seamless shaft did bend. Nothing too severe, it’s still holding strong, just bent a little. I think it’s made of aluminum. Something stronger might be ok because this mallet is very light and another ounce would not kill it.

All the lightening holes are well placed and have not shown any weakness. The whole thing looks good. It’s super easy to put together. The over all length is a bit long so it’s no big deal to trim it to size, plug the end, wrap it however you like and it’s good to go.

There are a few places to get poles, and or mallet heads. But as far as I know this is the first and only place to buy a complete mallet. And as I said before and to anyone at pick-up who asked. I like this mallet a lot. Looks good, built well, plays great. Not much more to ask for. Well, I might ask for a capped end. And someplace in North America to get them from but other than that you can’t do much better for a pre-made complete mallet.

For more info: Cycle for Heroes

St Cago Polo Works online store

Seen above is the Tournament Doubles.

Tournament heads emphasize reduced weight. They’re built around 3400 series HDPE DR17 pipe, which has a thinner wall than the utility pipe you’ve been using. It’s made from the same grade of plastic, so it will wear and play the way you’re used to, there is just less material to grind away.

Lots of sizes to choose, prices start at $13 US. Years of research. Made in USA

Also offering a Dual-Pull Brake Lever in short pull and long pull options.

For more info: St Cago Polo Works

EighthInch Mallet Head Video

Eighth Inch Polo Mallet Head and End Caps

I am impressed. This mallet is real. Now we all just have to find some 19mm shafts to fit them to. I’d be very interested in seeing one up close. I want to see how well the attachment is. Not to mention the weight of strength of the end caps.

  • High Strength HDPE Plastic- Injection Molded
  • Built in 19mm sleeve for added strength
  • 1 bolt attachment to any 19mm shaft
  • 150mm with cut lines for 130 and 140mm
  • Includes 2 replaceable end caps
  • All screws and hardware included!
  • $19.99 MSRP

And next we have the caps. Nice to be able to buy replacement items. I wonder how they wear?

  • High Strength HDPE Plastic- Injection Molded
  • Works with EighthInch Mallet Heads
  • Works with homemade mallets with 50mm inner diameter
  • 2 Caps Included!
  • Includes 4 self-tapping screws
  • $8.99 MSRP

More info:

Bike Polo Shafts by Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

Made from 7075 T6 Series 4 Aluminum, these poles are constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and are twice as strong as the industry standard, rated to 75,000 PSI.

  • Overall Length: 49″
  • Length of Straight Section: 35″
  • Diameter of Straight Section: 0.73″
  • Length of Taper: 14″
  • Diameter @ End of Taper: 0.46″
  • Powder Coated: “Eddie” Orange
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • I have not used this product or even seen one for that matter but it solves the constant problem of not having anywhere to get ski poles/ mallet shafts. The price is $15.99. A little steep when compared to the $4 – $6 some thrift stores charge per used ski pole. But with thrift stores there is still the crossing your fingers that they even have some. Also that they are aluminum, straight, long enough, and not beat up too much. Any way, there was a time when people only played on beater bikes, but now some people are building up new frames for polo. Likewise, players are going to start making mallets out of new shafts.

    More info: Ben’s Cycle

    A selection of mallet heads at Dayton's Mid-West Champeenships

    It’s been nearly half a year since I took theses photos but still.

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    bike polo mallet head hardcourtbikepolo

    Tools & Equipment

    thief chombo adam mcbeth
    Park local, Chombo, Adam M.

    mallet cam
    Reporters instant mallet cam

    disc wheel of discs
    Disc wheel?

    worn down lucky bike polo mallet head
    Mallet by Lucky, Week 6

    bright bike polo mallets
    Bright happy mallets

    Brooklyn machine works bike polo mallet
    Brooklyn Machine Works bike polo mallet

    leon bike polo mallet
    Leon’s scooping mallet = BS = RIP
    PS. I broke it because it pissed me off.

    5 bike polo mallets on wall
    “Throw in for one”

    Chris's new pologuard
    Chris’s new Milwaukee pologuard

    Leon the great bar stops 206 bike polo bar stops
    “Leon The Great” “206 Bike Polo”

    All Photos © Doug D 2008

    "20" A Two AM Photo Project

    bike polo mallets mallet pile ski poles
    OK, ten are not yet built and a couple are retired but two more are tied to my bike at the shop and I gave Brad two mallets last week and I have a few more blanks not in the photo because 10+10=20 and 20 is a good number.

    And no, I can’t sleep. I’m going to Worlds in a few hours, too excited.

    Do you see what I see?

    Do you see what I see?

    gas pipe

    It ain’t the cone on the left…

    The other day as I rode around Brooklyn working on my bike I rolled past a street dig so I slowed down to take a look. I saw that color that I love to see, Yellow (or black w/ red stripes). I figured I shouldn’t just walk over and grab the scrap piece but I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a photo. As I took the picture, the worker noticed me and approached me about my camera. He wanted to know what kind of camera I had and to tell me a story about how a safety inspector, or something like that, had taken a photo from half a block away, of him and his co-worker not wearing safety glasses, and so on and so on. He was a nice guy and we talked a little about how far you can be from a camera and how much it can still capture. Anyway, as I was about to go I asked if that little piece was scrap? He said it was, but if I really wanted some why not grab a bigger piece out of the truck. So we walked over to the truck and he grabbed a three footer (94cm to be exact). Um’ Thanks. Ah, that made my day.
    Some have asked where I get the mallet head material that I make my mallets with. The answer is “street finds”. If you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to order plastic pipe, I don’t know if this will help, the code on the pipe reads:
    =0232= 2″ IPS SDR 11.0 US POLY UAC 2000 FOR GAS ONLY PE 2406 —- PE2708 CEE —-ASTM D2513 – T11- 1 0 1 3 0 7 NR UPC 000 I<3 U