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The New Yorker and The Pit

This photo of Ken and Chombo playing bike polo in The Pit  was taken by Brian Finke. It’s just one picture in The New Yorker, no text, no story. But still really cool to get in a magazine that’s so popular and runs very few photos. Ken, Chombo, You Look Good!


My teammate is a dick

Maxim Magazine May 2009
Maxim Magazine May 2009

Maxim Magazine May 2009 Zach Blackburn trackstar

Zach Blackburn, my teammate and mechanic at Trackstar, gets a quick Q and A in Maxim Magazine.

Horses Vs. Bikes on the polo court

Kev was telling me about the new Intersection Magazine and the Horse Play photo shoot, so I asked him to send some photos my way and this is what he sent me. Thanks.

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All Photos used with permission. Kevin Walsh 2009

NYC Polo Riders

The Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Sportswear International Magazine just hit the news stands in New York City and in it is a ten page photo shoot of bike polo in The Pit. The shoot is titled NYC Polo Riders with photography by Michael Wong and styling by Carlotta Dell’Oro.

The issue number is #222 and it’s a internationally available fashion magazine so look for it somewhere that’s not a grocery store.

Two of the photos can be seen on their website.

sportswear international mag screen shot

Here is a better look at the cover.
sportswear international magazine on shelf


magazine for bicycle people 010
The Winter 2008 issue of Bicycle People No.010 (Japan) with cover picture by Taliah Lempert, has a nice piece about New York City titled We [heart] NY + Bike. It is a few one page articles focusing on various bike stuff in NYC. The two that I’m interested in are ones with Patty and Brad of Trackstar in a how-to about taking a bike on the subway. It’s a funny, step-by-step photo series shot by Takuya Sakamoto. And of course, the other is the full page photo of Quinn at The Pit with a mallet in hand and a game of polo going on in the back ground. This is an awesome photo also by Tak. I can’t read Japanese so I just looked at the pictures, and there are alot of them.

One Japanese website has a overview of the issue (translated)

and has issues for sale

But I just went to Books Kinokuniya on Avenue of the Americas and picked one up.