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Fixe Magazine issue #3

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Bike polo and New York is all over this European fixed gear bike mag! NYC bike polo from the visitors point of view. Half page photos of Zach and I.

Then the Fixed vs. Freewheel opinions from me, Guthrie, Kev, Matt V, Paul, and Yorgo. The last three vote fixed.

And what is likely the last interview with the Los Marcos hooligans. I have it on good authority that all of Los Marcos Polos sailed back to the island Los Marcostan on a raft just after their last tournament.  Apparently they learned nothing from Rapa Nui and between all the diseases they brought back from the Lower East Side and over exploiting their resources to build bigger and bigger statues of themselves… well, they’re extinct now.

Viva Los Marcos! RIP

More info: Fixe Magazine

COG magazine issue 8

I’m a little late posting this but it’s still pretty cool COG put a full spread photo of bike polo in their newest issue. Way to go Vermont!

Moro info: COG Magazine

Burlington Hardcourt Bike Polo

Man & Machine

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I stopped by the OUTLIER store the other Saturday and this was a gift Tyler had for me. no.43 of 500. Made by self proclaimed “fakeinger and hipster” Bjorn Rust. In this issue he interviews Daniel Angus about Brisbane and bike polo. And some other stuff too. Looks good.

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212 Mag Street Issue

More info: 212mag

Sportswear International #222

Previously: NYC Polo Riders

COG Magazine issue 7

Earlier this year in Milwaukee there was a bike polo tournament. Peter DiAntoni ( of COG Magazine was there taking team portraits. I was also there as a player but in between games I of course was taking photos as well. A few of them were even used in the 8 page story COG Polo Invite by Captain Jake Newborn (of Hero Squad fame). Jake also wrote a review of the Eight Inch Scrambler frame and fork, his old polo bike before getting sponsored by Milwaukee Bicycle Co. And Joe Burge, another member of Hero Squad and sponsored Milwaukee polo player, also wrote a review of a goofy little bike he used to play polo on. haha.

COG Magazine is full of beautiful photos and covers the spectrum. Seattle to Boston. Milwaukee to Taipei. Nagasawa to Lucas Brunelle.

D la Repubblica delle Donne on bike polo in Italy

I caught this on Roma Bike Polo. I don’t know what it says but I like that at the bottom of the article they list this site for more info.
D la Repubblica delle Donne

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Pedal Speed likes NYC Bike Polo

Pedal Speed NYC issue gives bike polo top billing in the contents and the cover. 16 full pages of photos in their coverage of NYC bike polo. Here are some of them. Click to see large.

New LOOP Magazine. Issue 2

LOOP is a new bicycling mag out of Japan and one of the contributing photographers is a friend of mine. Takuya Sakamoto or just “Tak” has been in New York many years as a bike messenger and working photographer. He has a website called New York Bike Dreams.

LOOP magazine cover

On the cover is Jeremiah ripping his new Brooklyn Element.

LOOP magazine

Inside has tons of photos with lots info like this product page featuring Fifo x BMW cycling caps.

LOOP magazine polo player

Also page after page of riders and their bikes like Wataru here, holding a bike polo mallet on his Schwinn Madison.

LOOP magazine ZACH

And the last page sneek peek of the next issue. Looks like ZACH is finally gonna let us see what he does back in his cave.

Pedal Speed NYC Issue

In the new issue of Pedal Speed, a bike magazine from Japan, there will be a gang of photos from NYC and some bike polo too. I made the cover! Wow! There is a pre-view on Pedal Speed’s blog.