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Boneshaker Mag Issue #7

I saw some tweets about the new issue of Boneshaker Magazine having a photo of bike polo on the cover. Im looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and reading the article.

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Horseless Polo is Played on Foot

Here is another Popular Mechanics article. May 1931.

Popular Mechanics January 1935

The Amazing Return of the “Bikes”
Popular Mechanics Magazine
January 1935

Some “bicycle basketball” looking more like rad ball. Seen in Popular Mechanics.

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DAB Magazine Issue#1

DAB magazine, out of Rochester, New York, is the first devoted to bike polo. And here is a peek at the first issue.

It’s a good first effort with submitted writing, and photos. Also product reviews and event re-caps. Looking forward to more.

I heard the editor is open to submissions, if interested try the gmail address bikepolozine.

More info:

and a tumblr:

Landscape issue 12

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I’ve never seen this mag but is listed for web credit right below the writer and photo credits. thanks.

COG Magazine Issue 9

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Peter was in The Pit for the first Bench Minor and some of his photos are in the new COG. Lots of NYC in this issue. I noticed Peter had a new Canon Mark IV and I was very envious but not sure if more so that he had it on a Canon pro guy loaner program, or that he just had one in his hands (even if for just a couple weeks). Anyway, all theses photos are from a camera body I wish I had an extra 5 G’s laying around for. And some of the shots may be for one of my lenses I loaned him for the afternoon. As always Peter did a top notch job documenting a polo event, I only wish it was more than three pages. Zach Blackburn, my longtime teammate but for this showdown an opponent, wrote the words that break down the format, the draft and the organization of this ground breaking bike polo event. I’ve heard Chicago is next in line to hold the 2011 Bench Minor. I cant wait.


Bench Minor re-cap

Loop Magazine issue 5

Bench Minor video from Uolmo

Urban Velo: Issue 21

Some good stuff in this issue. A pretty photo set of bike polo and an I Love Riding in the City from Capt. Jake!
Look for it as you flip thru.

Loop Mag issue 6 covers Ladies Army II and Shinokaze 2010

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I stopped by Brooklyn Machine Works to get a box before packing up for Berlin and seen they had a copy of the new Loop Mag. Seven full pages of bike polo and a few other small stuff spread out in the mag too. Tak has some great photos of a few North American female polo players here. Enjoy.

New York Magazine – 2010 Summer Issue

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I guess now I’m an “alterna-sport junkie” and a “good bike-poloer”. Doesn’t matter, bike polo is still fun. Come join us, play a game!

Loop Magazine issue 5

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This issue of Loop has The Grime riders on the cover but bike polo players all over the inside. Not pictured here but Riki from Japan has a full page for his Joust polo bike. Then two more full pages of Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo. The NYC Bench Minor bike polo tournament gets 5 full pages with a group shot followed by 14 rider shots all of out of towners. Lee, Sean McDonell, Hugo, Ben Hunter, Brian Dillman, John Atwell, Sam Jackson, Matt Lane, Johnny Crash, Tucker Schwinn, Pierre, Clement, Ben Schultz and Kremin.

More info: Loop Magazine