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Los Marcos MELEE

Los Marcos MELEE
Bike Polo…
October 9th – 11th, 2009
The Pit, New York City

Also a race: Los Idiot Kat

For more info:

Two days, two courts, 19 teams, from at least 14 cities. New York, Chicago, DC, Pensacola, Ottawa, Richmond, Seattle, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Columbus Ohio, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.




WINS: Three Velocity wheelsets built by Brooklyn Bike & Board

Second Place

Hot Boiled Peanuts

WINS: custom made messenger bags from Seagull Bags

Third Place

Hakuna Matataz

WINS: Kryptonite locks with “VIVA LOS MARCOS” sleeves printed by Laek House & Holdfast

Fourth Place

The Los Marcos Kill Team

WINS: Viva Sauce by Ch0mb0 & Sara, Outlier hat & shirt, and Laekhouse bandanas


Sean RVA

WINS: a Fleet Velo!!!!!

2nd MVP


WINS: A Milwaukee Bikes Pologuard with “VIVA LOS MARCOS” engraved on the crankarm.

Special regocnishun for 1st female streaker

Megan from Chicago

WINS: Custom Marcosian wheelcovers, handpainted by Brianna (2nd MVP)

Zachfased (most drunken)

Corey – who didn’t play, and got drunk at an event not even associated with the tournament. Happy Birthday Al!

WINS: a bag of LOS MARCOS BLEND coffee from Just Coffee


Johnny Midwest

WINS: a pair of HoldFast Straps

Hottest Costume

The Rumblinas

WINS: our other custom wheelcovers, handpainted by Chombo

Best Fake American


WINS: a case of Grape Four Loko

Overall points

1. 3445 – Fetus in Fetu (Birdseye, Ram Man, Dumptruck – NYC/CHI)
2. 2788 – Hot Boiled Peanuts aka Muy Caliente Legumes (Shane, Meghan, Jason – DC)
3. 2615 – Hakuna Matataz (Cecily, Brian “Ohio”, Ryan Pennsacola – NYC/CHI/FLA)
4. 2478 – Oh Fucky My Ass, eh aka The LOS MARCOS Kill Team (Zach, Alexis, Bainesworth – NYC/OTT/RVA)
5. 1880 – I’m not gay, but my roommate’s dick tastes like shit (Sean (MVP!), Ben, Johnny Midwest – RVA/NYC)
6. 2010 – Darth Ackbar (Zack, Adam, Leslie – NYC/SEA)
7. 1845 – Bosstlyn aka Bri Aggressive (Brianna, John, Jordan – NYC/BOS)
8. 1835 – Get Yourself Tested (Quinn, Ian, Ben, Fiona – NYC/RVA/CHI)
9. 1674 – The Rumblinas (Shelly, Oleha, Chandel – TO)
10. 1430 – Team Adorable (Tommy, Nate, Dave – NYC)
11. 1380 – The Black Widows (Katie, Amber, Julie – NYC)
12. 1263 – We’ll get back to you on that (Jen, Quinn, Paul – OTT/NYC)
13. 1015 – Lee & the Ladies (Lee, Lindsay, Megan – Columbus, CHI)
14. 732 – Dangerously Delicious Dump a pupu platters (Nick, Tim, Vince – ?)
15. 650 – What kind of dinosaur is that? (Tucker, Cait, ? – CHI/MKE)
16. 505 – 3rd Wheel Que Malo (Tink, Bruce, Jason Aquamoore – DC)
17. 480 – Raw Dog & Bail (Nathan, Will, ? – ?)
18. 250 – The Kurt Angles (Brad, Jonathan, Ian – PIT)
19. 120 – And Whatnot (Capriotti, Chris, Nick – PHI/NYC/RVA)

New York, Chicago, DC, Pennsacola, Ottawa, Richmond, Seattle, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburg, Columbus, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New Orleans

Other notable points results!

A separate column was kept for “misc. shenanigans, bribery, hijinks, etc.” This is where Los Marcos is traditionally won. No one can remember waht points were given for what, but some things are “court streaking”, “stripper tipping”, “coffee”, “tequila bribe”, “stick & poke tattooing the MVP”, “taking you shirt off at party”, “pleasing los marcos”, the list goes on

1320 Sean RVA (MVP MVP MVP)
810 Birdseye (last year he had only 200. You suck!)
640 Chandel (wore orange onesey best)
430 Tucker (sponsors get mad points)
415 Dave Neigburrito
410 Bri Aggressive (nice disc wheels!)
390 Ben/Fiona (can’t remember why)
390 Leslie (lots of bribery)
385 Cecily (2009 HCBP MVP)
370 Katie (nice hair)
358 Jason Woadie (1st person to earn points, in July)
345 Zach Lefty Doodle (for being from Brooklyn Bike y Board)
345 Ram Man
345 Ryan Pennsacola (has hot friends in Florida)
275 Bainesworth (for playing with us in PHI even though we lose)
295 Dumptruck
263 Alexis (although we assume he awarded himself most of those points)
250 Julie Benedetto (ran alleycat, didn’t play any polo)
250 Shelly (also wore orange onesey best)
225 Jen Ottawa (kidnapped Bueno’s child)
220 Cait (official Los Marcos personal assistant)
210 Tommy
205 Ackbar
200 Bruce (nice bike)
-180 Red Chris (cries too much)
-650 Johnny Midwest (1 point deduction for every $1 paypalled to him)

Scavenger Hunt Totals

1500 or so – Hot Boiled Peanuts
1020 – Bosstlyn/Bri Aggressive
970 – Fetus in Fetu
910 – I’m not gay but my roommate’s dick tastes like shit
710 – Hakuna Matataz
660 – The Rumblinas
630 – Oh Fuck My Ass, eh?
590 – Lee & the Ladies
510 – Get Yourself Tested
320 – Darth Ackbar
260 – Dangerously Delicious Dump a Pupu Platters
150 – We’ll get back to you on that
120 – The Black Widows
20 – Team Adorable

Top Karaoke

280 – Zachstar – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
275 – Hot Boiled Peanuts
250 – Fiona “Your so vain” with her own lyrics that she forgot
120 – Bosstlyn
120 – Lee & the Ladies
110 – Ackbar
100 – Dumptruck – “Common People”
100 – Hakuna Matataz – “Kokomo”
100 – The Black Widows
80 – Adorable

Just two short years ago….

Only a few of you will remember this or even know what it is.
Los Marcos Polos flyer 2-1

The Origins of Los Marcos

Shrouded in mystery, Los Marcos Polos arrived in New York City, dominating the world of bicycle polo. This film, created from archival footage, explains only a fraction of how these mortal creatures came to dominate this burgeoning culture.

Los Marcostani Art Exhibited at BFF

Viva Bicycle

For just a brief moment I was able to get a photo of this rare piece.
I was playing bike polo this evening and took a break from The Pit to go see the art show for the Bicycle Film Festival. The front room was full of bikes turned into art and there was a smaller room in the back with photos and paintings and such. The event was quite crowded so I’m lucky I didn’t miss the 4″ x 4″ piece by “the Artist(s)”. The rooms were full of people and most of the art was the size of large bicycles so one print the size of a beer coaster could have easily been missed. If it had not been for the biggest part of the crowd that was bunched up in this one corner in the back I might not have known to take a closer look. Eventually I made my way around to see it without obstruction. Actually I was excited to see an original Los Marcostan piece in New York because I know the polo team, known as “Los Marcos Polos” are afraid of NYC because they always get whooped on and sent home crying in their masks. And I have no idea where Los Marcostan is, so this was a real treat. Just after taking the photo a cute English girl asked if I has seen the other two pieces. “What!? there’s MORE?” I bumped my way around through the crowd and hooked a hanging bike with the polo mallet sticking out of my bag and spilled peoples drinks looking for the other Los Marcos art but to no avail. Damn it!

Los Marcos Madness

los marcos flier

Los Marcos Madness
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
October 4th – 5th, 2008
New York City

I know, I know, last year was Los Marcos Mayhem. This year it’s “Madness”. Take a guess what next year will be.
This is the best way to end the tourny season.

More info to come….