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England vs. Scotland 1910


In 1910, Saltburn was the venue for an international fixture, England v Scotland at bicycle polo. The match was part of the town’s carnival, the English side all being members of the Tykes Cycling Club. England won 6-3, the team being ( left to right ) Robinson (captain), Tudor and Randall.

Old Helsinki bike polo

According to Lefa at this photo was published in a book titled Idrotten i Finlad (1906) by Ivar Wilskman. Idrotten i Finlad translates to Sports in Finland. Kaisaniemi park is in Helsinki, Finland and H.V.K. stands for Helsingfors Velocipedklubb.

Looks to me like they are playing bike polo in the street, or at the very least not in the grass.

Rad Ball stamps at Keirin Cafe

Adam, Zach, Matt and I stopped at keirinberlin one of the days after Worlds. This is a famous shop. I got to meet Mo, who Zach and Adam were already friends with. We hung out for a bit, looked at bikes, drank Bionade, talked about the kids today. Matt asked me to get a photo of one of the many old cycling stamps that are framed in the shop. A really impressive collection. I took a close look at them because the art used is really interesting. Kind of reminds me of what some fliers are like for this generation of cyclist. After snapping the one for Matt I noticed a couple of rad ball stamps.

Motor Bike Polo

But really it looks more like soccer to me.

Click to see large

The Winners of the Games’ cycle polo match

I really don’t have any other info besides what you see. I’ll assume the Games’ they are referring to was the 1908 London Olympic demonstration matches. If so, then this would be Ireland.

M&M’s + The 80′s + Bike Polo

Caught this on the forums. Clearly worth the repost.

England v. Ireland 1901

Ireland Beat England 10-5.
The teams were : Ireland : Oswald Sealy, Page Dickenson, H. Oswald and F. E. Bland, all of the Rathclaren Rovers club. England : Spencer Downing (Northampton), Capt. J. Appleby (M.C. & A.C.), J. W. Dalby (Northampton), and F. Timms (Melton Mowbray B.P.C.)

A wise man once said…


“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”
- George Santayana from Reason in Common Sense, the first volume of his “The Life of Reason” book.

For one moment lets take a step back and think about this.

Macbeth, this is for you

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