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Manhattan Polo Classic

Veuve Clicquot’s Manhattan Polo Classic on Governors Island was the first polo match in Manhattan in over 70 years. The event paired Black Watch against Asprey London and was free to watch. The match was played three on three and was four chukkas in duration. Johnny Midwest and I made it in time to see the last two chukkas and were the only ones (of the bike polo crowd) who made it to the polo field, although others tried but couldn’t due to weather. We were both very impressed to see the sport first hand, and we had a conversation with another spectator named Akshay (unsure of spelling) who was filling us in on some of the sports details such as the worlds best polo player, Nacho Figueiras, was on the field playing for Black Watch, and some interesting details about the horses. And we might have found a new bike polo player too.

Manhattan polo classic
Mauricio Devrient playing for Asprey London.

Photo © Doug D 2008

Outside Mag, "…Vegas" Movie, & Tech Mallets

On magazine stands right now is the June 2008 issue of Outside Magazine and in it is a small write up about bicycle polo (pg. 30). I wouldn’t go running to check it out if I were you, it’s under researched and poorly written. I am disappointed because one of my photos (as seen on is used and I wish the writing could have been better. It basically says we are “Brooklyn hipsters”, this has been a sport since 2006, mentions the Tour de Polo in Seattle, and closes with “We give the trend six months before it’s as tired as kickball”. Then the photo, then a cute list of “More polo pretenders” and compares us to Segway polo and elephant polo, among others.
I was not in contact with the writer, Sarah Pratt, I only spoke to the associate photo editor so I knew little about the writing before hand. I might have told her that having a rolled-up pant leg does not make someone a “hipster”. That word is about the same as “amazing” in my book, over-used, used inaccurately, and boring. I would have also told her that bike polo on a hard court has been going on for quite a few years more than since 2006 but maybe that was a type-o. What wasn’t a type-o is the crack about kickball and being a six month trend. Hey, Sarah, In about six months from now is Los Marcos Madness bike polo tournament in New York City. I invite you to come to NYC for the weekend and witness first hand, what bike polo is, because it seems like you wrote your bicycle polo piece after making two five minute phone calls and Googleing other forms of polo.

In theaters now is a movie titled What Happens In Vegas. It’s a love story/comedy with “Cameron and Ashton” and most of the story takes place in New York. Anyway, some of the NYC Bike Polo players were cast to do a bike polo scene. A group of us went to see it last night and it was cool to see my friends on the big screen playing bike polo. But again, I wouldn’t go running to see it. It’s a ten second scene of hard to follow, grass polo action. We saw the faces but I thought it was hard to even tell what was going on. And if I remember correctly, no mention of bike polo in any other part of the movie. But ten seconds of bike polo in a big movie is still pretty cool.

And last, I’m just going to mention that this past Sunday Terra brought 3 prototype mallets made of new materials. From what I know so far is that a relative made them in his shop and they are supposed to be very strong. Paul, Zach and myself got one each but they were not yet wrapped so we didn’t play with them. We’ll be testing them soon and I’ll have more info and spy photos up later.

Suzuki Vs. Toyota

suzuki ad polospacertoyota ad
The Suzuki ad is from 1965 and they are playing on motorcycles.

In the 2008 Toyota ad they are playing on grass.

Suzuki wins!

As a side note, months before the Toyota ad came out I remember seeing a listing on craigslist regarding someone wanting to photograph people playing bike polo in the LA area for a Toyota ad. It said they would pay $800. Now, I don’t know if these guys got paid that much or not. Just something to think about.