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Polo Classic on Governors Island, NY

Seen this in a wine shop window the last day I was messengering in the city. I hear prince William is playing again so the crowds will be nuts. Free to the public, and there is the private party for the snotty sort. Take a bike and you get a jump to the front of the ferry line, just a tip. But I know not many bike polo players will hit this up because ESPI5 is going on at the same time. Otherwise watching horse polo is really fun. It puts our version into a new perspective. Check it out if you have the chance.


Polo in Governors Island

Manhattan Polo Classic

Motor Bike Polo

But really it looks more like soccer to me.

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Boone Bike Polo

This is in Boone, North Carolina. Hippies. But I like the angle of view and what is that 5 on 5. I wonder if they time the games or play to five? To be honest I didn’t watch to the end.

Boone’s Underground Bike Polo League
The Secret World of Bikes Hitting Bikes, Intense Competition and Camaraderie

Story by Eric Crews

By day, these competitors are bike shop employees, carpenters and business owners, but every Monday night, they shed their professional garb in exchange for a battered bike and mallet while taking part in bike polo matches at Junaluska Park. Its all about going out and having fun, said John Fennell, an employee at Magic Cycles. We try not to take it too seriously, but, he said, lingering for a moment, we definitely play to win. Video by Eric Crews

Read the rest of Boone’s Underground Bike Polo League at:

The Winners of the Games’ cycle polo match

I really don’t have any other info besides what you see. I’ll assume the Games’ they are referring to was the 1908 London Olympic demonstration matches. If so, then this would be Ireland.

M&M’s + The 80′s + Bike Polo

Caught this on the forums. Clearly worth the repost.

England v. Ireland 1901

Ireland Beat England 10-5.
The teams were : Ireland : Oswald Sealy, Page Dickenson, H. Oswald and F. E. Bland, all of the Rathclaren Rovers club. England : Spencer Downing (Northampton), Capt. J. Appleby (M.C. & A.C.), J. W. Dalby (Northampton), and F. Timms (Melton Mowbray B.P.C.)

A slow week in the hardcourt bike polo news room

Segway Polo in a Wheelchair

Bicycle Polo League of Ireland on DCTV

Bicycle Polo League of Ireland on DCTV

The Bicycle Polo League of Ireland Was covered by DCTV in October.

This is traditional grass polo but it’s still worth a watch. I really like the sign at the end that reads POLO GROUNDS – NO OTHER SPORT. They do a good job making it look fun but I’m confused about the Trek logos. Why have a paper propped up on his chest like that? There is no way they are riding Trek bikes, they even have it on in game play. I guess i had no idea that Trek was interested in Bicycle Polo.
Also, it seems they are a bit laid back with the right of way rules.

I found out from Fintan that they don’t play with the right of way rules, that’s the international four player equestrian bike polo rules. The rules being played here are the European Cup rules and also British rules (used by the Bicycle Polo Association of Great Britain and the Bicycle Polo Association of Ireland for national competitions)
Also, The logos/stickers were given to them by Trek. The Irish channel that made the video will be doing a series on bicycle polo in Ireland later this year and they are showing Trek what a sponsorship would be like.

Thanks Fintan for emailing me the info. If you are the same Fintan in the video, Warfield is a perfect last name for this game.

Check out for more info

This Just In…

Grass bike polo is alive and well, in Falun. That’s in Sweden and they call it “cykel polo”.

Bike polo steering wheel

Check this out. It’s from August 1931.