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Dual Brake Set-up

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The first time I ever saw this idea was on Ben Chicago’s bike. He had a Problem Solver set-up previous but after fabricating a system very very similar to this one, he seems much happier with his braking system. Unfortunately I can’t find the photo of Ben’s set-up so here is a shot of New York player Adam Ackbar’s.

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SE Sansin 40 Hole Hub

SE Sansin 40 Hole Hub, originally uploaded by Sveden.

From Sveden’s Flickr.
Follow link for his description.

Odyssey Monolever (Purple Rain)

Odyssey Monolever (Purple Rain), originally uploaded by Crispen.

This is what i want for x-mas but in left trigger.

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Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2

As seen on Ben’s Cycle blog. Follow the link to see pictures of Kremin’s set up.

Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2. Allows one brake lever to operate two brakes.
1 lever :2 brakes

One brake lever to operate a front and rear brake at the same time. The idea has been tried before, from some cheap dual pull levers, to doubling up standard single levers on top of each other on one side, or custom fabricating old gyro cables to pull two brakes. I’ve never paid much attention to the crap people have come up with to get two brake calipers actuated by one lever but this seems to be the best. Mostly because it simply solves the problem, and does so BETWEEN the lever and calipers. Meaning you can use the components you chose. Just add this to the cables.

Ben’s Cycle has them for $39.99

For more info visit Ben’s Cycle

BMW "Clusterfork" announcement

I stopped by the Brooklyn Machine Works shop and noticed a grip of new forks about to go to paint. Talking with Ken the welder he said they should be ready to ship orders next week.
I know one bike polo player already has one. I ran into Max Knight last night at Second Chance and got a look at one hot off the welding table. It was raw metal and looked good on his Gangsta Track.

Here is a small bit of what can be seen on Brooklyn’s Blog.

The first batch of the Brooklyn Machine Works “Clusterfork” is finally heading off to paint and will be ready to ship next week.

Specs are as follows:

Axle-to-crown height – 410mm
Axle offset – 31.75mm
Axle slot – 9mm
Weight – 1360 grams
Handmade right here in our shop in Brooklyn, NY.

The legs have a slight two degree taper so that the average fixed tire isn’t swimming in space, but still has clearance for just about any tire currently available.

Odyssey Monolevers

Your brake levers are weak. Get one of these. ZACH likes the trigger one.
Odyssey Monolever - Right

Phil 48

Phil 48, originally uploaded by Doug D.

I mentioned that BMW was nice enough to let me order a few parts for my upcoming ride. The first of a few got in on Friday. This Phil Wood road hub. Spaced to fit a 130mm rear triangle, this 10 speed hub will be laced to a Velocity 48 hole Dyad rim… if it ever gets here.
Overkill? yes.
And it’s heavy, and the paws feel like they could take down a house. And it cost about a weeks pay even with the hook up but I want to ride on wheels that I don’t have to worry about. That’s why I’m gonna take a wheel off my polo bike and roll my MKE/Deep-V 48 front across the country as well.

Edit: see more about where I rode this hub under the 42Ride category

Update: see where this hub serves duty in this post

Guess what I saw this past weekend

New Milwaukee pologuard

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. was showing some products and in the mix was this new Pologuard. I see two big differences, one is the way it looks and the second thing is what it fits to. This one is designed to fit more normal 110BCD cranksets with five exposed spider arms. I guess the third thing is that it’s lighter.
I did hear that this new design will be available for the Sugino XD soon. Keep an eye on Ben’s Cycle for when it drops.

B43's making the rounds

Black IRO Velocity B43 wheels on bridge

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I had to put this Velocity B43 wheel set on my work bike because last night there were a couple late night street races. All bikes had to be fixed and brakeless. I did some 200m sprints on this bike after swapping out the platforms for clip-in’s, losing the 18t freewheel for a 17t track cog and dropping the front brake. I should have put the drop bars on but I was too excited about the new wheels! They have a very noticeable feel that is not like the Deep-V. I don’t want to make myself sound like a smarty by using words like stiffness and momentum but I will say I love the way they look and ride. I’m gonna be daydreaming about this set up while I’m riding to LA on my old Bianchi touring bike. Hit up TrackstarNYC to get a pair because they just came in. 32 hole only. The 36 and 48′s are on the way.

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Velocity B43 wheels

Velocity B43 bike wheel close up

Velocity B43 wheels on Brooklyn Machine works polo bike

Velocity B43 front wheel

Over this past weekend while I was in Dayton racing the Gem City Massacre 6 and playing polo with a gang of fools. ZACH at TrackstarNYC was building me some wheels. Thanks ZACH!

Velocity took me on as a test rider and sent me a set of the new B43 rims in black ano. along with a mix of black and silver DT Swiss Champion spokes. Thank you Dave!

Milwaukee Bicycle Company had the hubset I wanted to run, in 32hole. Thanks Drew!

I’ll be running these back and forth on a couple of my bikes, putting them thru all the hell I can find in New York, on the streets and in the courts.