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My new BMW V2 polo bike

A new bike! This has most of the components off the old green Brooklyn I was riding the last couple of years. Including the MKE Bruiser S700 -120mm Polo Fork.

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AOL’s Aslyum story on ladies of NYC bike polo

The Ladies of NYC Bike Polo
July 21st 2010
By Emily Anne Epstein

What do you get when women, homemade mallets, beat-up bicycles and a ball collide? Bike polo, of course!

Closer to street hockey than pony polo, the game is played three-on-three until one team nets five goals. The hardcourt sport has been growing in popularity since its inception in the 1800s. There’s been a serious spike in the past 10 years, with teams popping up all over the world. One might say it is the fastest-growing polo variety, with canoe, camel and yak polo lagging behind.

You’ll have to follow the link to see the 16 photos that made it into the story. and the Question and Answer with Chandel, Fiona, Sara and Katie. They talk about who they have dated.

David’s Bike Polo Check

David’s Bike Polo Check from Tim on Vimeo.

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A short video of bike polo from Japan

the SESSION BIKE POLO from kenboo! on Vimeo.

I really like the player on the Cycle Ball style polo bike, And I see a couple of BMW’s out there too.

COG Magazine issue 7

Earlier this year in Milwaukee there was a bike polo tournament. Peter DiAntoni ( of COG Magazine was there taking team portraits. I was also there as a player but in between games I of course was taking photos as well. A few of them were even used in the 8 page story COG Polo Invite by Captain Jake Newborn (of Hero Squad fame). Jake also wrote a review of the Eight Inch Scrambler frame and fork, his old polo bike before getting sponsored by Milwaukee Bicycle Co. And Joe Burge, another member of Hero Squad and sponsored Milwaukee polo player, also wrote a review of a goofy little bike he used to play polo on. haha.

COG Magazine is full of beautiful photos and covers the spectrum. Seattle to Boston. Milwaukee to Taipei. Nagasawa to Lucas Brunelle.

Pedal Speed likes NYC Bike Polo

Pedal Speed NYC issue gives bike polo top billing in the contents and the cover. 16 full pages of photos in their coverage of NYC bike polo. Here are some of them. Click to see large.

Fiona's Brooklyn Machine Works polo bike

As of October 10th, 2009
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Fiona has it together. American made steel frame and fork with a single lever to double caliper brake set up, plastic platform pedals and fitted bar end caps. This is much better than her old polo bike.

New LOOP Magazine. Issue 2

LOOP is a new bicycling mag out of Japan and one of the contributing photographers is a friend of mine. Takuya Sakamoto or just “Tak” has been in New York many years as a bike messenger and working photographer. He has a website called New York Bike Dreams.

LOOP magazine cover

On the cover is Jeremiah ripping his new Brooklyn Element.

LOOP magazine

Inside has tons of photos with lots info like this product page featuring Fifo x BMW cycling caps.

LOOP magazine polo player

Also page after page of riders and their bikes like Wataru here, holding a bike polo mallet on his Schwinn Madison.

LOOP magazine ZACH

And the last page sneek peek of the next issue. Looks like ZACH is finally gonna let us see what he does back in his cave.

Fifo x BMW cycling caps

Two Brooklyn, New York companies come together. Fifocycle made a limited run of custom caps for Brooklyn Machine Works. Here is one of many different sizes and patterns.
BMW also has a basic cap that’s made in USA.

Fifo is run by Fiona, a long time NY bike polo player.

For more info:

Passive-Aggressive Hippies Who Play Bike Polo…

Paul, Thank you for making this. The motivation.

If you hit the link you might notice a new fork on my polo bike. Yes it is. I have the new Brooklyn “Clusterfork” and it feels quicker, bringing in the wheelbase a little bit, and the strength is undoubted. I like that it’s made right here in Brooklyn, New York.