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Bench Minor draft picks before trades begin

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Previously: Announcing the DRAFT for Bench Minor Tournament

Announcing the DRAFT for Bench Minor Tournament, MARCH 20-21, 2010, NYC.

Instead of limiting the registration to 5 preformed teams, we’ve decided to open the registration to all individuals. As this will be an atypical bike polo event, in terms of game duration and style of play, we want to give anyone who is interested an opportunity to be selected to a team.

We think this will allow for:

1) excellent competition.
2) parity among teams.
3) the opportunity for anyone who wants to attend and play to get a chance to be selected.
5) unique combinations of players.
6) individuals to participate without having to gather a hometown crew.
7) memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are the guidelines:

1) Anyone can declare themselves eligible for the draft. There won’t be a need to limit the draft pool size, as everyone will have an equal chance to get drafted.
Registration will open February 15th and close Saturday February 27th at 5pm. The draft will begin Sunday February 28th at Noon EST. In order to play in this tournament, you must be registered for the draft. If you do not participate in the draft, you cannot be added to a roster at a later date.

2) We would like the captains of the 5 teams to be representative of the various North American regions. Adam will request a captain be nominated by their regional peers from the following regions before the registration is closed. West Coast, Canada*, Southeast/central, Midwest. *i realize Canada is massive. We’d like one rep (Calgary, E.Van, Ottawa, whatever) from Canada is all we’re saying. Ideally, these individuals are solid, team minded players who have a good knowledge of the talent pool. Obviously, these captains are encouraged to draft players from all regions to create as diverse a lineup as possible.

3) There will likely be an 11 round draft, with each captain drafting one player per round. The draft order will be randomly selected, and publicly monitored to insure its randomness. Selection order will go 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5 etc. The draft length will be confirmed once we have a look at the amount of people who declare themselves eligible.

4) At the end of the draft, each team will have 12 players (1 captain, 11 selections). From the end of the draft on February 28th until 5pm Sunday March 14th, captains are permitted to negotiate trades with other captains, if they would like to adjust their lineup.

Trade rules are as follows:
1) Both captains must confirm the trade with organizers.
2) Players will have no part in the discussion of the trade. Negotiations will take place between the captains.
3) Once a player is traded and confirmation has been received by the organizers, the trade is final. The player will then be informed and the roster changed.
4) As of 5 pm Sunday March 14th, a final roster must be submitted to the organizers. This player list is final and only players on this final confirmed list will be allowed to play.
5) If a scheduling conflict occurs, and a confirmed player is unable to attend at the last minute, only an undrafted player from the original registration pool can be added as a last minute roster addition. This addition must be confirmed with the organizers prior to the start of the tournament. If a confirmed player is unable to attend the tournament, and no addition to the roster is available or made, the team will play with less players.
6) Trades can involve multiple players and multiple teams. Again, trades involving multiple teams must be confirmed by all parties to the organizers and will be conducted through the captains, and not the players. Although you can trade 2 for 1, 2 for 3 etc. you will only have 10 players active for each match, and it’s beneficial for all involved if your roster remains as close to 12 as possible.
7) There is no limit to the amount of trades a captain can make, or the amount of times some hot potato can be traded.

So, on March 14th, final rosters for the 5 teams will be posted, each with 12 players. Prior to each match, each captain will declare 10 of the 12 players active and eligible for that match. This active roster can and should change for each game. If a player or their bike becomes disabled during the match, one of the non-active players can be made immediately active. That disabled player can be active for the next match, but cannot resume play in that game if they have been replaced on the roster by a substitute.

The main idea of this draft model is to promote interesting combinations of players at the beginning of tournament season, and to make this tournament inclusive and available to anyone who would like an opportunity to be selected for participation in Adam’s bizarre hybrid polo fantasy.

As i believe it to be now, I (Paul) and a few other NYers will be monitoring the draft. Adam will not be a part of that monitoring process as he will be one of the 5 captains making selections and trade in the draft.

Info on registration will follow soon. I hope you all are having a good new year.


Bench Minor Tournament

Bench Minor
Bike polo tournament
March 20th – 21st, 2010
Chinatown, NYC

Finally, some real info about Adam’s Tournament. I talked with him tonight about this and the teams are strictly limited to five. But teams can have more than the 8-10 players as stated on the flier. It’s only a limit of how many players that can be on the bench for a game. Example: Team “Gerbilers” from a mix of Mid-West cities could have 13 players, but only 10 of them can play in a game. Three of the teams players would have to be scratched from the game but they,  the Gerbilers, can change line up from game to game. Any way, My point is that the 5 team limit, times the 10 player max does not necessarily mean only 50 people get to join in this debacle. Also this is just in case you don’t read the rules, but you should. There is some trash talk about players we love and despise.  And 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Just saying.

Still no word on how much the entry fee will be. Per team or per player? I’m not sure. I’m sure some invitation will be extended to clubs of Adam’s choosing but I’ll let Adam announce how he plans to grant entry into his hockey inspired tournament.

By the way, March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and a week after Daylight Saving Time.

Good Luck.


Teams will consist of 8 or more players. For each game (both periods) you need between 8 and 10 players on your bench. Although your team might be 12 or 30 people, you need to pick which 8-10 people are going to be active before each game, and stick with those until the match is over. Teams can be comprised of any combination of city and there’s no minimum on how much time each member plays. You can switch players in and out on the fly as long as there are only 3 active on the court (or two during a penalty kill). If the entering player(s) are active in play before the exiting players are completely on the bench there will be a delay of game penalty called.


1. Each player should have two different jerseys (tshirts, hoodie, whatever) in each of their team’s two different colors. The whole team will be wearing same color jersey that doesn’t conflict with opponent’s color. That’s why the teams have two different colors.

2. Mallets and bikes must not have dangerous protrusions (bolts sticking out, jagged edges, etc), and must be capped on the handle/handlebars.

3. Helmets are required, unless insurance doesn’t require them. There’s also plenty of other safety equipment out there. So don’t complain about your little fingers getting booboos when you could be wearing gloves.


1. Shots come off the business end of the mallet, unless a defensive player shuffles (or deflects off their mallet) into their own goal. They can deflect off any number of wheels, bikes or walls. Shots that deflect off a teammate’s body are considered shuffles.

2. Wrist shots that are scooped up off the ground with the mallet tip will count as long as they never go above the goal’s crossbar, and also do not come from the player’s defensive half of the court. This means you can pass with an air ball anywhere at any height, but if you are attempting to score it has to be done from your offensive half of the court (no long bombs), and it can’t ever go above the cross bar on its journey to the net.

3. Shuffles do not count unless you are shuffling into your own net. That is an own-goal, and for this tournament you’ll have at least 7 other people pissed at you for doing this, instead of the standard 2.

4. After a goal is scored, both teams will have a chance to switch players. The ref will whistle to begin play.

5. Half court will be given to scored-on team: play starts when ball or scored-on player crosses half court.

6. If goal gets accidentally moved, a ref will fix it. Play does not stop.

Game format:

1. There will be two periods of 25-35 min (length of periods is still under review). There will be a 1 min break in between halves, when the goal your team is defending will switch. No timeouts! Work on your bikes while you’re on the bench. The clock will stop after a ref calls a penalty and after goals, so teams will have a chance to switch players, and then it should only take a couple seconds for the teams to get on-side.

2. Each team will play all others in a round-robin fashion. Wins are worth 3 points, losses are a big fat 0, and ties are going to be fun. Because the game restarts with standard “joust” but teams play 2 on 2 in sudden death. Whichever team scores first gets 2 points, losers get 1 point. After round-robin there will be a single elimination final between the top 4 teams. Based on the round-robin rankings, the top ranked team will play the 4th, 2nd vs the 3rd, and then the cup final. And oh yes, there will be a cup. You want to win this.

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Adam's Tournament

So Zach asked me to post this.

They are working on a flier with official name, dates and tournament structure info. Check back for all that soon. Till then here is a link to the Google document that is the rules. Look it over and leave feed back. Zack and Adam will see it here as they are not on League of Bike Polo all that much at all.

More info soon….