My name is Doug and I write as a way to share my thoughts about, and photos of, this sport that I love. I started in February 2008 to collect event info, tournament results, media coverage, and document my travels to play bike polo.

I grew up in Ohio and currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been riding bikes since I was five years old. My dad fixed up a bike someone on our block had threw in the trash and he made it a gift for my 5th birthday. Since then I’ve ridden bikes for fun, transportation, and work. And I began playing bike polo in April of 2005.

My team and I held the title of World Champions of hardcourt bike polo in 2008 when we won the Cycle Messenger World Championships XVI Bike Polo Tournament in Toronto. We also won the title East Side Polo Invite winners for 2008 as well as the North Side Polo Invite winners for 2007 & 2008. I was also on the winning team for the 4th Biannual Midwest Champeenships, and other wins too, like Los Marcos and some other silly stuff.

I invite you to read my first post and about my first bike polo tournament.

I ride a Brooklyn Machine Works frame with Milwaukee Bicycle Co. parts

Doug D

Doug D NYC hardcourt bike polo player by Amadeo Lasansky
Photo by Amadeo Lasansky

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