Polo wheels take a beating. It’s good to have a bike set up just for polo or at least a front wheel to swap out on Sundays. Disking a wheel saves your spokes and saves some end-o crashes too.

Items you will need:
-One 2′x4′ sheet of corrugated plastic per wheel. About $5 from any plastics store. Cardboard is free but water kills it.
-10 to 15 zip ties per wheel

Tools you will need:
-X-Acto knife or box cutter
-Drill with 1/4″ bit
-Marker or pen

1. Cut the sheet in half. Two 2′x2′ squares.
2. Mark the center of the square.
3. Cut a 2″ circle out of the center of the sheet for the axle.
4. Lay the wheel over the sheet. Draw a circle along the inside of the rim.
5. Cut the sheet along the line to make a circle.
6. Make a cut along the radius. This will allow the sheet to have a dish to match the wheels dish.
7. Mark the holes for the zip ties. Put the sheet next to the wheel and make dots on both sides of every second or third spoke all the way around. The idea is to have the tie hold onto the spoke when cinched.
8. Align the two sheets together and drill the holes for the zip ties.
9. Put a sheet on each side of the wheel and run a zip tie through one side and back through each set of holes.
10. Once you have all the ties in place, cinch them down and trim the ends.