I was not playing polo because of a hurt hand, just letting it recover.
It was good to hang out. There were a good number of players and what not. HA!
I’m not sure but I think four European cities were represented in The Pit today.
I gave a Chinese can-man a dollar for the “I Los Marcos NY” bag he was using to collect cans.
Gave it to Ken aka beano for points. It was nasty with funk, not sure if the points were in the plus or minus..
Chombo is cool as shit.
Markus is back for a few weeks.
Johnny Mid-cantwin has a baller new wheel set.
Seemed like a bunch of girls were playing today. I wonder if that has anything to do with Adam retiring from polo?
Katie the Destroyer, Quinn before she bolts, Julie warming up for LMM, Fiona on her new BMW, Amber, Cecliy, and Brianna visiting from Boston.
And perfect weather.

Bike polo in NYC _MG_5089

Ken with I Los Marcos mask NY bag

Brooklyn Machine Works polo bike fiona ryan NYC _MG_5049

View of bike polo in The Pit New York City _MG_5085



bike polo Markus Muendecke

hardcourt bike polo new york max knight

bike polo mallets in the pit

bike polo in the pit nyc hardcourt

johnny midwest bike polo the pit nyc