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North Side Polo Invite 2008 flier bike ottawa
And this, just sent in by Ange.

A few more details about the tournament:

Round robin for all of Saturday and most of sunday to give everybody lots of games.

Not only will winning teams be regonized and awarded, but there will be prizes for Best team name. MVP. Most offensive/defensive player, male and female. Sportsmanship award. Mayhem award. Maybe some others we can think up.

Already mentioned $20 a player, includes a tee and all side events.

Beer will be $3 at the evening parties.

If you smoke cigarettes, buy them at home cuz they are very expensive here. $10+ a pack. Drinking at the court is allowed (by us) but is illegal. Use provided cups.

We are hoping for a friendly tournament. All games will have a ref, you will not argue with the ref. Everyone will be a goal judge but the ref’s call is the final call.

The NSPI sponsorship has been hand picked by our club. We have gone for a homegrown/independent event with no corporate sponsorship. (you will have to buy your redbulls, sorry.)

Beau’s Beer (Ottawa)

Cyclepower (Ottawa)

TallTree Cycles (Ottawa)

Phat Moose Cycles (Ottawa)

Di’Rienzo’s (Ottawa)

Bertrands Cycles (Gatineau)

Undertheweather (Toronto)

Fabric Horse (Philly)

Trackstar (NYC)

Thank you all. See you soon.

The North Side Bike Polo Invitational
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
August 1st – 4th, 2008

Ottawa, Canada

For more info Mallets Of Mayhem on Myspace

The way this one works is the trophy is held by the winners for that year, and they return the next year to defend. If the champs lose, they hand over the NSPI trophy to the new champs. My team and I won last year, we have no interest in giving the trophy to anyone. But you’re welcome to try your luck. Aside from the trophy, Ottawa knows how to throw a polo tournament. All the games are played on one sizeable court in a nice park with lots of grass to chill between games. They throw great races and all the right side events. The sponsors hook it up! And if that’s not enough, last year the top 4 teams got a limo ride all around the beautiful city. Don’t miss this one.

Firrrm grip.


17 teams from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, D.C., Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Winners – “Mother’s Baby Snakes” (Paul Zach Doug) NYC

2nd place – “Jet Lag All Stars” (Dave Adam Pieter) NYC/Van
3rd place – “Mother F*ckers Against Drunk Driving” (Brian Jonny Allen) Ottawa

Top Offensive Female (round robin) – Carole from Ottawa

Top Offensive Male (round robin) – Jonny (with no H/FROM the midwest/Ben’s brother) from Madison

Top Defensive Female (round robin) – Quinn from NYC

Top Defensive Male (round robin) – Patrick from DC

Round Robin MVP (as voted by the players) – Ben from Chicago

Playoff MVP – Dave The Hammer from NYC

Enthusiasm Award – Dumptruck from Chicago

Top Tube Protector Award – Cecily from NYC

Simpson’s Trivia Alleycat – Chombo from NYC

My Photos: HERE