Finding some bike polo stuff floating around, like this great photo of Montana giving a talk about the rules on the second day of a two day tournament. Note the hay bales. Found among others on Bicycle Images.

Also something from New York Cool a short story with photos of games in The Pit from January 2009.

And one blurred panning shot of Johnny Mid-What ripping up court in The Pit that can be seen at under a post titled: gray skies over the lower east side

One more photoblogger’s take on The Pit:

Of course I need to look for new bike polo products. And I found a “Krass” rip off hoodie. I think by spelling it wrong they free themselves from any copyright BS that might make selling one color, one sided $40 hoodies a pain in the ass. I have to say I like what King Kog did much better.
bike polo hoodie ad for sale

And while I was looking for new stuff I didn’t forget to look at some old stuff too. The old C.H.U.N.K. 666 site ain’t what it used to be but the new one is still good for a laugh.

It needs to be said that chunk

and C.H.U.N.K.666

Are two completely different things.

Logo’s, shit so many logos…

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That’s enough of that.

Last I found a photo title:  Duke Plays Bicycle Polo

The Duke of Edinburgh taking part in a bicycle polo match at Windsor. This photo is dated 1967.