Quartzsite 11
For our first 53 miles of the day we were on AZ 60, a long straight two lane desert highway. No shade no services. I rode the first 40 solo and didn’t see any other riders till I was rolling up to the support van at about the 20 mile mark. I saw them ride away as I rolled up. I made a quick stop at Judy’s van and got back on the road to maybe catch up but that didn’t happen till just before Nick’s van at about the 40 mile mark. Chad and I caught up to Allison and Blaise. Still no shade. But now with more sun and wind. We rode the next 13 or so miles to where we were about to turn onto the I-10. I was really hoping the interchange would have an over-pass that would provide us some shade to take another break under before riding the last 15 miles to the hotel. But the ramp was more of a merging lane and I just looked way over to the over pass and thought it was too out of the way to suggest to the others we backtrack for a bit of shade. So, while traversing the 0.4 miles of road between AZ 60 and I-10 proper I was scanning the roadside for a bush or scrub large enough for the three of us to set behind and have a break from the sun for a few. No such luck. We rode to what was the shoulder of I-10 and that gave us a hill to cross over with the hope of maybe some shade on the other side. That was the majority vote. Get over the hill, look for shade. But I was hot, tired and felling sunburnt and dehydrated. At about the midway point up the hill at what was Mile Marker 30 of the I-10 in Arizona I talked the two into stopping.

This sign was our shade. The only sign I’ve seen along our entire trip that listed 3 cities we would be staying in. Yes it’s a short ride from Quartzsite to Blythe. The shortest day of the entire ride. But for us it’ll be more miles than that to Los Angeles because we will only be on the interstate when we have to be and we are hitting the coast at San Diego then riding up to LA.

While in the shade I called Judy to see where she was because all the water I had left was at least 85 degrees and I knew we still had a case of monkey pickles we needed to eat before the group of us crossed into California the next day. Judy was about 5 miles away driving towards us. She brought us some ice cold water and fruit and that made the last few miles into town a breeze. By breeze I mean a 100+ degree headwind.

Edit: yes this is old, I just got around to uploading some of the many photos I still need to work with.