But bored. We are finally out of TX. So happy about that. It feels like I woke up from a 15 day coma. This picture sums up my last week. About half of it was in the van but I really don’t care about the not-riding. It looks the same at 16MPH or 60MPH. The day we rode into NM was good, so good. A few of us went off route and that was for the better. The way-sheet had us on some shitty, dirty, dusty, loud, busy highway from El Paso to Las Cruces. But ducking over the Rio Grande onto the TX28 was like a dream. Quiet smooth well paved winding 2 lane through farm land and pecan fields. We passed a polo field too (no game going on but still cool) and made an hour plus long stop at this place full of outdoor art. We met the owner and he invited us in and showed us more stuff inside. All really cool. We then stopped at a biker type roadside bar for a few that was recomended. And later we passed through a section of road were the pecan trees were so tall and so close to the road that we had some really great shade for over a mile. Then back to the route a few miles before we hit the KOA campground. And about 30 min. later most of us got in the vans to go to the White Sands National Monument for the sunset. Very pretty.
But today was nothing more than uphill, windy, and sun sun sun. None of it was good. It looked just like this photo from about a week and a half ago. Maybe I’ll SAG tomorrow…
And I just heard that our “huge” celebration in LA for our ride finish is going to be in Culver City… uh what. All I’ve ever heard about that place is crap. Hope who ever is in charge of that decision gets told to fix it so our party doesnt end up having two (yes two) people at it like one of ours in Texas did.
And I just re-read the flier getting riders interested in doing this ride. It says “…ending in LA with another celebration at the Bicycle Film Festival!”
Someone needs a map and a calendar.