I woke up at 5:45am, put my bag in the rig, ate a quick breakfast from the hotel lobby, grabbed the bike and was off by 6:15am. I rode just over 96miles on Route 9 in less than 8 hours. One long road with very little shade, very few towns, just stops for water. I rode the whole day solo except a mile or so with Crihs and I felt strong most of the time. It was not till the last 15 miles that I went in and out of feeling whooped and feeling ready. But that’s when the hills, sun, and wind were there to put a hurt on me.

At the hotel now. I showered and grabbed some free chocolate from the little basket at the front desk and sat here at the lobby computer to load a few photos (slowly). Later I’m gonna make some food and ride out to the old part of town (Main Street) and maybe take a few picks. Then eat again, maybe a jump in the pool and finally, bed time. I hope that all happens by 8pm because I’m tired.