Miles riden, 50. I woke up in Fort Smith, AR at a Holiday Inn around 5:30am and loaded my bag into the truck then ate a big breakfast. I ate a couple bannanas, two bowls of cereal, 2 6oz. yogurts, a couple blueberry muffins, three slices of buttered bread, and about six 6oz. cups of cranberry juice. Then, when I was suposed to get on my bike and ride into Oaklahoma, I took the elevator back up to my 3rd floor hotel room and went back to bed. On my way up I did see Judy, our ride manager, and told her I would not need the way-sheet she was offering and said that I would not need any support today, so don’t wait for me.

Most of the other riders were going to leave between 6 and 7am to ride the days miles. A few others were planning on maximizing the hotel stay. After resting a little more I got up again sometime around 8am to go for round two at the free breakfast bar. This time I brought it back up to my room since everyone else was sleeping or already on the road. I turned on the TV and stopped flipping when I caught the billiard sceen of Indecent Proposal and that happens to be the sceen where he offers a million dollars for a night with Woody’s wife. About then Alison knocked on my door and said that Le Tour was on and that it was raining. Ha! I flipped around for it a bit but I don’t care that much, it’s not like I can watch it every day. I went back to bed after eating.

I sort of had a feeling it was getting close to 10am and that ment two things, that If I didn’t get going soon I’d be riding in the hottest part of the day and that I needed to get back down stairs if I wanted to clean up the last few minutes of free food. So I did just that, I ate three breakfasts. And I’m surprised by that because last night I ate a whole Papa John’s pizza and drank a “man can”(as Brian put it) of V8. Calories.

So it was noon when the 5 sleepers left the Hotel. Sunny with some clouds, a light breeze and a cooler than I thought it’d be temp. Alison, Crihs, Brian, Chad and my self set off on out short 50 mile ride. Pretty smooth going, we stuck together the whole way. Stopping in Keota, OK and I bought round of Mountain Dews at 79cents a pop. ┬áThen to Spiro, OK where the only thing open on this lazy quiet Sunday was a gas station and we all got water but by that time we were only 10 miles from the Twin Lakes Inn.

We ripped the last ten to the hotel and about 6 minutes later I was in the pool. Then a group ride into town for a food run and now I’m blogging as I attempt to catch up on my photos. Tomorrow 95 miles.