So right now I’m at a Ramada Limited hotel and I’m sitting on a chair I pulled out of our room and set in the parking lot. I’m on Nick’s laptop and this is the first time I’ve been on a computer in about a week. I’ve taken a ton of photos along the way and my cards are filling up quick. Right now the connection is so slow that only 4 photos have loaded in the last 20 minutes. I have 266 in this card over 300 on the next card and the one in my camera is filling up fast. I’m not going to be able to post a photo this time but I would love to. I remember on the first day, before we started this trip, we were all told that there was a good chance that we would all be getting some internet phones (I can’t remember what one) to blog, twitter and upload photos with. That shit never happened. I wish it would have because then I’d be able to keep in touch better and keep caught up with photos. I wonder what this trip is about sometimes. If you look on the map you’ll see that we make a huge turn at Oklahoma City. We ride straight West for days until we get to OC then from there we go straight South for days till we hit San Antonio then go West again. But for Oklahoma City there is no info about were our event is. As far as I know there is nothing confirmed. So I guess my point it that I really want to care about what I’m doing. This is a pretty rad job. I’m delivering my face and their 42Below cycling jersey to LA from NYC. Doing stops along the way to “promote”. I like the bars we go to all of them have been great. But I have yet to see anyone show up to meet us bikers, other that some of the other riders family members who live close. I’d like to be able to put it out there the I’ll be in X bar at X time at X address but the only thing I, or anyone knows is that I’ll be in X city on X date.

I feel like I’m doing a great job getting this jersey from coast to coast. I like talking to the locals in the bars we have been to. I also think if I was able to be more connected and better informed I could share more about where I’ve been what I’ve seen and where I’ll be.

As for today, It was easy. Yesterday I was one of the 7 or 8 riders to start the 90+ mile day. I rode about 80% of it before geting SAGed to the camp ground so I could set up my wet tent from the day before, eat, shower, wash some clothes and have everything ready because we were all getting in the vans to drive an hour to be in Memphis by 7:pm to do a 2 hour event then drive back and camp to wake up at 6am to ride again. Anyway, I today woke up feeling like crap, rode out of camp at 7:am with nothing to eat for breakfast but an apple a tangerine and some water. We rode a short 53 mile day with all of 3 turns if you dont count the one out of the camp ground or the one into the hotel parking lot. About the mid way point I saw some bikes at a place called the Dot In Flo Out. A small little cafe on the side of a State Route in the middle of Mississipi. I had pancakes and they were great. But any food is great when you ride 30 miles on an empty belly. I did take a photo of the cook and her mother. Then made the rest of the ride to the hotel and jumped in the pool, washed all my clothes, bought food for dinner AND for breakfast tomorrow. I also took some photos of some really cool shit I’d love to share with you all but the time online is way too limited to get to todays flicks, still working on shots from 5 states ago.

Since I’ve sat here typing 5% of my 266 photos have loaded, Allison brought me a Bolthouse Farms Protein Vanilla Chai Tea, Dan brought me some homemade apple pie, Crystal brought me a quick neck rub and a soda. I’m around a great group of people. I wanted to get a group photo tonight but not once were all the riders here at the same time. So instead I did a self portrait.