So this picture is from over a week ago when we left NYC. The founder of the BFF rode a few miles with us to the bridge into Jersey, with his broke arm and all. The were a few extra riders that rode with all of the BFF/42Ride riders for two days to get to the Philly BFF. We made it after a couple days of rough going due to incredibly poor routing. But we did make it and promptly rode from the hotel to the bar that was housing the 42 Below promo. From there we rode in the van back to the hotel (our bikes were trucked back) and I then got back on my bike so I could go to the BFF art show and the Friday night BMX screening. I got to hang out with my good friend Jill who needs to move back to NY. I sat with one of the Northern route riders named Jen, but she left early to get sleep. I stayed and watched the FBM film.
The next day we all rode out of Philly together but the two routes split about 10 miles out.
I think today was day ten and I am uploading some photos as I type this. More photos on the way; I just figured I’d pull one from the first day…
We have camped twice and lodged in hotels the rest. Today was something like 80 miles for the 4th day in a row. But really I have no idea what mileage I’m doing because I don’t run a cycle computer.
Life is a bit back and forth when I not riding. On the bike it’s a bit hellish because of the method of navigation. I have a photo of what I’m talking about but to put it to words I’d say this – I’m riding my bike across the continent without a map. I have looked at a map one time in the last 10 days and that was at a gas station to figure out where I was after getting lost from using cue sheets to navigate from state to state.  It is a really bad way of doing things in my opinion.
So yeah back and forth.. Get to the spot, find where I’m sleeping (room number or my spot in the woods), eat, shower, figure out where the pool is, what others are doing, brush my teeth, ask where we are going and on and on. I’m tired.