I’m in RVA, just got off the phone with Ian and after I do my contractual obligations and sit at a bar wearing my 42BELOW jersey for 2 hours and safely ride back to the hotel in the van, then I’ll go see a bit of Richmond with some other the polo players i know. Not sure what we are going to do but I’m already excited to hangout.

On Day 6 right now, well just did that. Headed to Raliegh soon.

In NY we got the Red Bull hookup, a grip of cases went into the vans for all the riders to fuel us along the way, Thanks Todd. I got those photos on the way soon.

I have not made any mentions of this on this site yet but one one of my polo sponsors stepped up to be my bike sponsor for this 42RIDE. Ben’s Cycle / Milwaukee Bicycle Co. sent me a Specilaized Tri-Cross Comp for me to ride cross country on!!! Wow, Thanks Drew, the bike is working great. I swapped some higher spoke count wheels onto it and a rack and it’s ready to go. Photos soon. I had to test it out, so on Saturday last week ZACH and I pulled it out of the box an hour before the rainy Bridge Battle 5 alleycat. Then I raced it and got 4th! I zipped around on the weekend from BFF screening to BFF parties to where ever the hell else I was… and on Monday I did a day of messengering on it. Not smart to work on a brand new carbon/AL road bike. I locked at 300 Vesey St aka WTC3 and the post and saddle were stolen, Bastards.

But on the ride it’s doing great, most other riders are on ballers road bikes. Look, Colnago, Penarello and such. Some Surlys and another tri-cross, and older Trek and not many paniers or even rear racks rolling to CA so I go a little slower but I want to take photos along the way and be able to stop and make a PB and J when I want so that means I’m carrying stuff.

I have gone swimming every night since the start, so good to jump in a pool after a long ride. The weather has been good. No killer wind, or rain, but a good bit of sun. not as hot as it’s gonna get further south. Black has become my favorite color, but only because EVERY day I have to wear an all black jersey.

Everyone else on the ride is fine by me. Meaning I like all the other riders alot. We ride out on a semi together group in the morning but i like to ride out in the first few so i can stop for photos and the others will catch up and I wont be left too far behind. On the road we sort of leap frog and roll together and stop as we feel like it and ride solo or with someone else when we get back on the road. At night we are all together and around to talk about our days.

It’s a good group.

Photos on the way….