Phones & DCs
Tomorrow night, one other and I are taking the PATH train from WTC to Newark Penn Station with our bikes and all the gear we’ll need for the next two months. From there we’ll ride our bikes the 3 miles to the hotel that all of the 42Ride riders are staying at.

So Tuesday night I’m in Jersey.

Wed morning we all have a meeting till the afternoon.

Wed evening we all get brought back (for me and the other NY riders) to the city from 5pm till 8pm to have the kick off bash at Epstiens (Allen & Stanton)

Wed night we go back to Jersey to spend the night at the hotel again.

Thurs morning (4:30am) we all will meet in the lobby with our gear to be driven back into the city.

Thursday 8am we arrive at Columbus Circle.

9am the 42Ride departs and rides North to the George Washington Bridge and will ride our bike back into Jersey saying good bye to NYC.

I can’t wait.

After right now, I’m just going to turn my phone off and only use it when I’m done riding for the day. YES! I really like the idea of not answering my phone while I ride my bike. Emails are good, but can’t say how often I’ll be in front of a computer. Some mass emails may go out to some heads that I think might care to hear that I’m not dead, or in a heat induced coma. I hope to be able to upload photos to my Flickr and I can do simple blog posts from there to keep this crap going… as for all the other internet communications, they will be on hold. Just a heads up to the 6 people that care.

One more thing, I signed up to twitter. but only to follow and add one more to the needed 100,000 it’ll take for them to give $42,000 to the Alliance of Biking & Walking.