Phil 48, originally uploaded by Doug D.

I mentioned that BMW was nice enough to let me order a few parts for my upcoming ride. The first of a few got in on Friday. This Phil Wood road hub. Spaced to fit a 130mm rear triangle, this 10 speed hub will be laced to a Velocity 48 hole Dyad rim… if it ever gets here.
Overkill? yes.
And it’s heavy, and the paws feel like they could take down a house. And it cost about a weeks pay even with the hook up but I want to ride on wheels that I don’t have to worry about. That’s why I’m gonna take a wheel off my polo bike and roll my MKE/Deep-V 48 front across the country as well.

Edit: see more about where I rode this hub under the 42Ride category

Update: see where this hub serves duty in this post