To the local companies giving support to me and other NYC riders who are going on this cross country bike ride for the Bicycle Film Festival and 42Below vodka, Thank you!

When I first found out about being picked for this huge ride one of the things I thought was, what am I going to wear. Prolly was good enough to point me in the way of OUTLIER. After a few emails and meeting up for some coffee at Gimme! Abe hooked me up with some really nice clothes. I had seen some friends with some of the locally made items Outlier makes but being that it’s on the pricey side I didn’t see myself able to buy anything right away. Mostly because I’ve been out of town 6 out of the last 9 weekends and I just bought a new camera for the trip. But because of the type of riding I’m going to be doing, avg. 60-80 miles a day for 50+ days straight, Abe was happy to set me up with some summer shorts that double as swim trunks, a high quality (ultra fine 17.5 micron) merino tee and a Victor Osborne collaboration wool cap. All of which are made in NYC. This is going to be some product testing but after checking out the clothes, it makes perfect sense. I’ll be packing light so if you can only have one, have something that is really nice!

Another friend and NYC rider, Kyle who kills shit at Dave’s Quality Meat walks into Trackstar the other day while I was working as the shop help and he was showing off his new shoes by Nike. I liked the slim and lightweight look of the shoe and was thinking I should maybe rethink using my big puffy skate shoes as my casual footwear for this two month long ride. Somewhere in the mix he said he could get me a pair. Later, Prolly did a post about the same shoe. I took him up on the offer and I walked into his DQM office and was pumped to leave with some not-for-sale-yet gear. After I left his office I rode around the corner to sign up for the Livestrong / Brooklyn Machine Works give away. $1 and you could win a custom BMW Gangsta Track.

So, after getting news that I made the cut and I’d be doing this ride I had to tell everybody I saw right. Well, last Monday while messengering in Manhattan I ran into Squid of CycleHawk Messengers on Lexington Av. and had to tell him that I’d be riding to LA in a couple weeks. Squid is such a nice guy, the first this he asks is how can he help? He was happy to extent his Continental Tire sponsorship to all the NYC messengers picked. Over the weekend I stopped by his house in Brooklyn and he set me up with a couple Continental Touring Plus tires to start out with and a Top Contact foldable just in case. Thanks Squid, you’re the Man! Go see Squid and company at the BFF after party on Friday the 19th at Public Assembly with Goldsprints!

Another good thing to happen to me since this whole thing started is Raw Revolution, a New York company, is going to send a couple of the NYC rider off with a few boxes of organic food bars to fuel us along our way. I remember Raw Revolution from when they sponsored a Los Marcos bike polo tournament and really liked them. I can’t say what flavors they are sending just yet but I know they will be gluten free, vegan, wheat, corn, soy, trans-fat, cholesterol and refined sugar free. That means they will be keeping me healthy! That’s good! because anybody that knows me knows that 50% of my diet is Red Bull and Snickers.

Last but not least Joe and Luke at Brooklyn Machine Works for allowing me to order some much needed parts last minute.

And of course ZACH at TrackstarNYC for the wheel build he’s about to do for me double last minute.