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I wish I had more time to keep this blog up to date but so many things in my life are changing right now. I took loads of photos at the 6th Mid-West polo tournament but some of them (over 250 images) got deleted due to a mistake I make with my memmory cards. Oops. I still had plenty to remember the weekend by. It was mostly action shots that i lost. Here is a link to some of the ones I turned on for public view on my Flickr photostream
This summer I’m going to be on a cross country bike ride and I’ll be away from any computer for most of that time. Posting and sharing photos may be less often, so you all know. I did just get back from the COG/MKE Bicycle Co. polo tourney in Milwaukee and I did get a few dozen shot out there but I think the guys at COG might want a few for an upcoming issue so for the time being I won’t have any here or on my flickr.

Speaking of the COG/MKE tourny I want to say Thanks! to Jake Newborn for hosting a great tourny and for letting my team and I sleep at his house. Drew at Milwaukee Bicycle Co. / Bens Cycle for putting so much time, effort, prizes, and help into this tourny. There is no way it would have been everything it was without you! And a personal thanks to RJ and the guys in the shop for letting me use the stand to reassemble my polo bike. Thanks to COG mag for presenting one of the best talent pools of polo players. The teams in Milwaukee were from all over! And all of them were the best of the best. Great new issue by the way, my boys in Dayton were stoaked to see the newest issue a little early. I also met the guys from Velocity who came out to see some first hand polo action.  OH! and thanks to Red Bull for sending out the Red Bull girls with some cold cans on Saturday and Sunday!
I keep thinking I should carry around a note book and make notes of some of the quotes i hear at these polo weekend events. I have a few funny things I heard floating around in my head. The collective group that gets together for these things really make my day. I’m gonna miss the next couple of tournys. But I can’t deny that I could use a break from polo in general. Riding from NY to CA with a group of strangers isn’t what I would think of first but it fell in my lap and I’m gonna run with it. Los Marcos may be my next tourny. See you there in NYC.

The photo above is EP see what he’s got going on over at Circles, Rust, Drips…