Black IRO Velocity B43 wheels on bridge

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I had to put this Velocity B43 wheel set on my work bike because last night there were a couple late night street races. All bikes had to be fixed and brakeless. I did some 200m sprints on this bike after swapping out the platforms for clip-in’s, losing the 18t freewheel for a 17t track cog and dropping the front brake. I should have put the drop bars on but I was too excited about the new wheels! They have a very noticeable feel that is not like the Deep-V. I don’t want to make myself sound like a smarty by using words like stiffness and momentum but I will say I love the way they look and ride. I’m gonna be daydreaming about this set up while I’m riding to LA on my old Bianchi touring bike. Hit up TrackstarNYC to get a pair because they just came in. 32 hole only. The 36 and 48′s are on the way.

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