I think I did get picked to do the 42Ride and I’ll be leaving in three weeks. WTF!

I can hardly believe it, 41 other riders and myself will leave NYC just after the Bicycle Film Fest ends and ride west to LA in 55 days to be apart of the BFF out there. The group will split into two groups of 21. One group riding a northern route and the other going more south. No idea where I’ll be. But I know I won’t be at the North Side Polo Invite. and Damn I am sad about that, I love Ottawa. Shit!! …next year… And I won’t be able to race at the North American Cycle Courier Championship in Boston. I’m really bumbed about that. Not so much on the web, but to close friends I’ve said that I want to win the NACCC. With it being rumoured to be an 8 hour main race, I know I’d stomp on some fools. Kill Shit. But no, I’ll be in a different time zone.  I’ll be touring during the NAHBPC too. ah what ya gonna do?

One good thing is that I can use this as a chance to visit where I lived in CA. Can’t wait to be in Mammoth Lakes in late August. So if I’m there for a week or so after the ride wraps up I might miss that thing in Philly. oops.

I will still be at COG but you know, whatever I’ll just want to hang with my boys. Win or lose I just want to have some fun. And if there is anyone who can give me a ride from MKE to Dayton I really need to pick up my touring bike that is stored at my Mom’s house. Please.

I bet I’ll have a lot more news about this in the next few weeks. And posting here might be less often. and if any, it might just be updates/photos about the trip. But part of the deal is I’ll have to blog a little about my travels on some website for 42 Below. Yes, it’s a vodka company.

Holy shit I can’t believe this!!!