NY Daily News did a little bit of internet research and has this to say about bike polo in a spread called Get your exercise from one of New York’s offbeat sports by Nicole Lyn Pesce

follow the link to read more about Inner-tube water polo, Broomball and other things of the like.


This unrefined, urban spin on the well-heeled sport traditionally played on horseback swaps the Thoroughbreds for two-wheelers. There are three members to a team, swinging homemade mallets over their handlebars and hitting a street hockey ball toward each other’s goals. First team to score five goals wins.

Also known as Hardcourt Bike Polo, the bicycle bouts resemble hockey on wheels. Any adults can play, providing they can pedal a bike one-handed while swinging a mallet. Roll into the Pit in Sara D. Roosevelt Park on the lower East Side on Sundays at noon or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. for pickup matches. Wear a helmet and protective gear, as this is a contact sport! Extra mallets are on hand, but bring your own bike. Any two-wheeler will do, but it’ll take a beating, so if you become hooked (and who wouldn’t?), consider investing in a beater bike, lower and reinforced with shorter handlebars and disk wheels for protection — although you can still expect a scratch or 10. (Free, the Pit at Chrystie St. and Broome St.; www.nycbikepolo.com.)