The only problem is finding time and a good connection to upload them all. Then there is sorting and all the other little details that make me not want to sit in front of a computer. But here are the 6th Mid-West Bike Polo Champeenship winners, Beaver Boys (Kremin, Joe, Brian) from Milwaukee, WI. They finished on top of 27 teams from all around the mid-west, beating Madison A aka “Wisconsin B” (Ben H., Jonny H., Jon A.) in the final game 5-4.

This weekend was a load of fun for me! I got to team up with a pair of Dayton players I learned the game with a handfull of years ago. We had a blast tearing shit up on our home court. The game we, Wet Nitemaer, played against Triple Lex was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. They had us by 3 points(?). Maybe it was 0-3 or 1-4 and it was a super fast paced game rushing up and down the huge rink. We got back in it and had them at 3-4 and it was about one min. left in the game. Having just gone back to our half after we scored Lexington was taking sweet time getting the ball back in play. Maybe because my team had regained momentum in the quickly closing game. I riped a turn at half court, sat on the line and yealled “Bring the ball over the line you pussies!!” The crowd was making so much noise too. One of them did bring it over and it got sent loose. Somehow it got in reach of Goldie who played the entire day on a freewheel brakeless mountain bike and he scored from beyond 3/4 court! Making it a 4-4 game. I think everyone watching went wild, I heard Goldies face was a explosion of joy. Brett, my other teammate was so happy he forgot we still had a hand full of seconds left to play. I saw Lex bring the ball back and got past me at the half court, and with a net open they retured with a game winning goal at the very end.

That was fun.

On Saturday there was the Gem City alleycat. 52 racer set to the streets of Dayton at 7pm from the polo courts and raced for the next 2 + hours. I called it that I was not aiming to win the polo because I had my sights on the race. I had the lead off the start and leading up to the 3rd check point till there was a mix up with East Babbit St. and West Babbit St. I went back and forth a couple times not finding the CP person with about 50 other racers ripping U turns right behind me. I had no idea where the CP was because they were NOT where they were suposed to be. And because of the way the race was set up, the CP was where you got a small slip of paper telling you where to go next, I had no idea where to go next!! Looking around in a panic and making calls to the organizers for the next 5 min. I got left behind by 20 or 30 other racer who had found the CP person without me knowing. Finally I got on my way. making it to the next check point late, I asked “how many?” the response was “oh man, i dont know A LOT“. I was not happy but I remembered¬† a conversation I had with a friend about not giving up. So I rode my ass off to get all 8 slips so I could get started on the first manifest and give some colorful words to the organizers. I did not ask how many were in front of me. I looked at the list of do-in-any-order CP’s and asked where Bacon St was. “look at your map” is the answer I got back.

I took off. I was basically alone for the whole time and with some stroke of luck and residual knowledge of Dayton streets from my Brown Street Subhouse food delivery days, I somehow did the list of CP’s in perfect order. Making my way back to the bar to find out if I was in the top 18 rider (only the top 18 would go on to the last manifest).

I was in first! I started the last manifest.

I stayed in first the entire time till the end. I was wooped, the hills and the felling of defeat slowed me down at times but I kept the pace because I had no clue how much time I had on anyone. When I made it back to the Century Bar for the finish I was about 10 min ahead of the next racers.

I know there is a bunch of other details I’m leaving out but I’ll add some more details with the photos I plan on posting up in the next few days.

Thank You Dayton Ohio Bike Polo!!!!

And here are the winners of The 6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenship, Beaver Boys aka Team Pabst. Kremin, Joe, and Brian.

MKE Beaver Boys win 6th Midwest bike polo  copy