Shit, I loaned my memory card reader out before the weekend and I can’t upload any of my photos. Not that I even took that many photos because I only brought my little camera to ESPI. And I’m not sure why some people are adding an ‘s to the end of ESPI. Can someone explain that to me. And maybe tell me why NOT using team names is less confusing than “Ottawa 1″ and “Ottawa 2″. Team names are unique and fun. I spend more time thinking of team names than I do stragatizing game play. And spoke cards! Seriously, I brought home a ESPI cozzy but no spoke card. As a matter of fact, the last three polo tournament I’ve been to did NOT have spoke cards. Such bull shit. I have an ESPI 1, 2, and 3 spoke card. But nothing for 4. I guess I can cut up my cozzy and slide it between my spokes. Damn thing doesn’t fit a Red Bull anyway.

One more gripe before I try to remember all the things that made this past weekend great. What is up with no recognition for third place? I’m glad DFL and furthest traveled got some time in the awards, but to just plain skip over third place?? It’s still the podium, as a friend said afterward.

OK. I got hit in the eye with a mallet on a backswing. I’m fine except a black eye. It was an all-out game that was fast and physical and I’m not mad that it happened, it was an accident, it’s a part of the game. Risk is. But, I got lucky. It could have been worse, it could have been my teammate a week before his wedding. Or it could have ended my eye. I’ll be finding eye protection soon. I’ve been wearing a helmet in ALL games since the new year, pick-up and tournament. And this weekend I saw some history being made, at least for my eyes, I watched a game where all six players on court were wearing helmets. This is a big step in the right direction. I’m not saying “require helmets” just saying that I like to see more players wearing them.

I think this is the first time for me seeing the AM/PM groups done on two courts. It seemed to work well in Madison for their NYC in MAD tourny with one court. Even thought I was not too amped to be in the first match of the day against MKE at 10AM Saturday morning. My team and I still went undefeated for the day after playing a group that was “stacked with some heavy hitters” like I heard someone say. Plus it was nice to be DONE with our games just after 2PM. I just hung out and ate and watched games and snapped a few flicks, talked some shit, cheered for RAMMAN so much I about lost my voice.

OK, I’m tired as hell. after 2 days of polo, a black eye, the Lucky Star bus, and messengering all day in the rain today I’m going to have to wrap this up in a “part 2″

By then I’ll have some photos. I took some snaps of all the people from the second day that were wearing polo T-shirts. It was just a quick polo photo project but looks good. I’ll post that soon.