Bike Polo Hits Tulsa

March 2, 2009
By Kyle Dierking,

TULSA, OK — A ball, mallet and bicycle – a curious combination that forms a single sport.

“There’s really no pressure to win but things do get intense,” said Phillip Dillon. “But it’s not like typical sports.”

This bicycle balancing act is known as bike polo. It’s typically three-on-three, you play to five and the object is to guide the ball in the goal — all while staying on your bike.

“Being able to just shuffle and handle the ball is a skill all in itself,’ Dillon said. “Shooting is another tough thing – it takes a long time to get good at.”

Phillip Dillon picked up bike polo while living in Los Angeles. When he recently moved back to Tulsa, Dillon brought the sport with him, starting a group of burgeoning bike polo enthusiasts.

“About half of the people that come out I have no idea how they heard about it or where they came from,” Dillon said. “They just show up. It’s pretty amazing.”

Some show up with sparkling spokes. Others have beat up, battle-tested bikes. Personality, more than anything, plays into this game.

“A lot of people that play are generally the type of people that didn’t play competitive sports growing up,” Dillon said. “It’s fun to see that side of them come out when they actually do something competitive.”


When: Wednesday night at 7:00 and Sunday afternoon at 4:00

Where: Zink Park, 1501 East 33rd Street South