portland hardcourt bike polo

Oregon “little beirut” Bicycle Polo Tournament
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
March 7th – 8th, 2009
Portland, Oregon

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This is being called a championships on the flier, but as many of you know I can’t support just any ol’ tournament calling it’s self a championships. Maybe if it means what it says and is supposed to be a championship of Oregon. Either way, it’s just a tournament. And I bet it’ll be awesome. The “big” tournaments are good if there is one or two a year, it’s the smaller tournaments that I’m liking more. Not as much pressure, more of a relaxed feel. Anyway hope this one goes well, I’d be there if it was not so far from where I live.


1st. Ballz Deep (East Van)
2nd. Seattle’s Good Enough (Seattle)
3rd. Portland Sucka Fuks (Portland)

Photos here