North American Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championship
Bike Polo Tournament
August 7th – 9th, 2009
Seattle Washington

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In previous years this championship was held side by side with the North American Cycle Courier Championship. This year the tournament will be a stand alone event. The 2009 NACCC is in Boston the weekend before this event.

1st Team Smile (SEA)
2nd Balls Deep (E. VAN)
3rd Beaver Boys (MKE)
4th DD Booster Club (NYC)
5th Mallets of Mayhem (Ottawa)
6th Ken (E. VAN)
7th Skid and Destroy (PDX)
8th Bob’s Your Uncle (E. VAN)
9th Rampant Murder Cake (CHI)
10th Poloreo (SEA)