6th mid west bike polo dayton ohio 2009

6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships
Bike Polo Tournament
May 24th, 2009
Dayton, Ohio

May 23rd – Gem City Massacre 6 Alleycat & Polo Friendly
May 24th – 6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships

dayton ohio map

Being from Dayton and learning about bike polo four years ago on the same court that this tourny will take place on is why I wont miss this one. The court in Dayton is one of the very best and I think many polo players will agree with me. It’s a full size roller hockey rink with well built boards. It’s in a nice park on a hill in the East side of Dayton know as Walnuthills.

This is the same weekend as the West Side Invite but that doesn’t matter much because the West and the Midwest are not that close. Also the Gem City Massacre race is sure to be well worth showing up a day early. This race is in it’s sixth year running, is well organized and Dayton is a fun city to race in.

See you there!

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Winners: “Beaver Boys” Kremin, Joe, Brian (Milwaukee)

2nd Place: “Madison A” Ben H., Jonny H., Jon A. (Madison)
3rd Place” “Rampant Corruption” Ben Chicago, Lefty Joe, Matt (Chicago)

27 teams. 2 courts. 1 day. No round robin, straight to double elim.
Full sized street hockey rink with full size hockey nets. great weather.

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