I Bike MCR 2009 D.I.Y Grassroots Festival
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
April 19th, 2009
Manchester, Lancashire UK

The I Bike MCR 2009 D.I.Y Grassroots Festival takes place from Friday 27th March to Friday 24th April 2009 and as part of it we are holding our annual Bike Polo Tournament.

Teams are welcome from everywhere and the prizes are gonna be great. It will be so great for teams from around the UK and further afield to get together and meet each other, and to play in a city other than London!

If you are from out of town please let us know if you want us to find you a place to stay and how many nights you’ll be staying.

Nes + Dan of I Bike MCR

For more info: ibikepolomcr.wordpress.com
Or contact: polo@ibikemcr.org.uk

15 teams from France, London, Oxford and Seattle.

NanoAdamZoe (Seattle/MCR/Oxford)
aidenandjasonanddavepoloteaminmcr (London)
MCR Dropouts (MCR)
Team Glob (MCR)
Black Rebel Bike Club (London)
Seattle Supershitheads (Seattle)
Corussk8ordie (Oxford)
Dans tu gueule puceau (Paris)
Guffnuts (MCR)
Sitting Ducks (London)
Malice (London)
Los Conos (London)
The Toffs (Oxford)
Cutters (MCR)
Zombie (London)

Winners: Seattle Supershitheads (Seattle)
2nd place: Malice (London)

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