Bicycle Polo League of Ireland on DCTV

The Bicycle Polo League of Ireland Was covered by DCTV in October.

This is traditional grass polo but it’s still worth a watch. I really like the sign at the end that reads POLO GROUNDS – NO OTHER SPORT. They do a good job making it look fun but I’m confused about the Trek logos. Why have a paper propped up on his chest like that? There is no way they are riding Trek bikes, they even have it on in game play. I guess i had no idea that Trek was interested in Bicycle Polo.
Also, it seems they are a bit laid back with the right of way rules.

I found out from Fintan that they don’t play with the right of way rules, that’s the international four player equestrian bike polo rules. The rules being played here are the European Cup rules and also British rules (used by the Bicycle Polo Association of Great Britain and the Bicycle Polo Association of Ireland for national competitions)
Also, The logos/stickers were given to them by Trek. The Irish channel that made the video will be doing a series on bicycle polo in Ireland later this year and they are showing Trek what a sponsorship would be like.

Thanks Fintan for emailing me the info. If you are the same Fintan in the video, Warfield is a perfect last name for this game.

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