New York’s bike polo crew hasn’t done very much to create an image for it’s loosely united club. And by that I mean we don’t have stickers, t-shirts, patches, jackets and things like that. We do have a core group of truly top notch players that aren’t afraid to travel 15 to 20 players deep and win big tournament. We do have a website, New York Hardcourt. And we do have a logo, as seen below. This logo has only been used for the spokecards and t-shirt art for the ESPI 2 in NYC. The concept for the art was my own, and the design was done by Brad Baker of Trackstar.
As Montana and others make headway into the world of making hardcourt bike polo a real sport with it’s own governing body and stand alone World and Continental Bike Polo Championships. So will New York’s bike polo crew, in trying to create an image and an official name. It’s almost certain that the logo will be the Statue of Liberty art, or a variation of. And the name may end up being NYC Bike Polo or New York Hardcourt since these are the two URL’s for the clubs website. But the official name of the club is still up in the air, and suggestions are being considered(as far as I know). If you are a New York player and have any ideas for the club, now is the time.

NYC Bike Polo logo

Photo © Doug D 2007

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